WFDF Approves Contribution to Ultimate Peace

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WFDF Approves Contribution to Ultimate Peace



WFDF Board Approves Contribution to Ultimate Peace

Ultimate Peace, whose website is, was established by founders and long-time Ultimate players Dr. David Barkan (California), Dori Yaniv (Israel), and Linda Sidorsky (Massachusetts) in the spring of 2008. The mission of the group is to build bridges of friendship, understanding and fun for youth from different social and cultural backgrounds, with their initial project focused on Palestinian and Israeli children together on the Ultimate field to develop a deeper understanding of each other. The WFDF Board this last week approved a proposal submitted by board member Nob Rauch for a donation of US$420 to the Ultimate Peace project to support their 2010 program.

The first Ultimate Peace event was held in April 2008 in Tel Aviv, bringing Palestinian and Israeli children together for a week of workshops and tournaments.  Over the last year Ultimate Peace has hosted a number of community events.  From July 14-20, 2010, Ultimate Peace will hold its first annual Ultimate Peace Residential Summer Camp, in Acco, Israel, involving 120 youths from under-served Palestinian and Jewish communities in the West Bank and within Israel, overseen by players and coaches brought in from elite Ultimate teams.  For its fundraising effort, Ultimate Peace has estimated that a donation of $420 is sufficient to sponsor one child for the participation in the 2010 camp.

Ultimate players and flying disc participants occasionally ask for support for special causes from their governing bodies for many good causes.  Ultimate Peace is a well-organized charity and, what makes it special is that it seeks to use the game of Ultimate and its spirit of the game as vehicle to bring together two groups of kids whose parents view themselves as enemies in a way that helps them realize that, in the end, they are all basically the same and that they can play together nicely.  By making a small grant, WFDF can support his effort and, while not changing the world, may change the life of a single individual.  We encourage all disc sports players to check out the web site of Ultimate Peace and consider supporting their efforts.

For more information on the program please visit: Ulti-MatesWFDF.pdf