World Flying Disc Federation becomes fiscal partner to Ultimate Peace

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Building upon a small grant made in 2009 to support 2010 Ultimate Peace events, the World Flying Disc Federation has entered into an agreement to serve as fiscal sponsor for Ultimate Peace

World Flying Disc Federation Becomes Fiscal Partner to Ultimate Peace
Building upon a small grant made in 2009 to support 2010 Ultimate Peace events, the World Flying Disc Federation has entered into an agreement to serve as fiscal sponsor for Ultimate Peace.

Ultimate Peace,, was established by founders Dr. David Barkan (California), Dori Yaniv (Israel) and Linda Sidorsky (Massachusetts) in the fall of 2008. The mission of Ultimate Peace is to build bridges of friendship and understanding for youth from different social and cultural backgrounds around the world. UP focuses on fun and education, not politics, using the exhilarating and character building sport of Ultimate as its tool. UP believes Ultimate is the ideal sport for peace-building, where personal responsibility, mutual respect between opponents, and fair play are prioritized over winning.
Ultimate Peace relies on donations, and has applied to become a recognized tax-exempt organization.  While UP awaits approval, WFDF has agreed to assist by serving as fiscal sponsor, allowing Ultimate Peace to accept donations through WFDF on a tax-exempt basis in the United States.

The first region chosen for Ultimate Peace programming was the Middle East. The inaugural event took place in April 2009 in Tel Aviv, bringing together 120 youth from eight communities within Israel and the West Bank for cross-cultural activities, and an introduction to Ultimate. The program was so successful and promising it was followed up by a year of community-based events, involving the youth from those original communities. Incorporating activities that focused on learning the sport, breaking down barriers and just having fun, the program grew, local word spread, and Ultimate became an official sport Israel through the Ministry of Sport and Culture.  Subsequently, The Ministry, who serves Arab and Jewish communities alike, became an official partner of UP, and now serves as liaison to youth educators and administrators in the region.

In July 2010, Ultimate Peace held its first annual Ultimate Peace Residential Summer Camp, in Acco, Israel. Players and coaches from elite Ultimate teams around the world taught and counseled 145 campers from the region. Mixed teams were formed, combining Arab Israelis, Palestinians, and Israeli Jews on the same teams. Participants ate, practiced, and competed side by side. The results were remarkable and the camp was a massive success. The youth made deep friendships across tough boundaries, and are playing Ultimate actively today, eagerly preparing for next year’s camp sessions. A local coaches training program was also incorporated into the camp session as part of an ongoing effort to build a sustainable program.

Ultimate players and flying disc participants occasionally ask for support from their governing bodies for various specific needs or reasons.  Ultimate Peace is a well-organized charity with the unique goal of helping children in conflict using the game of Ultimate and its spirit of the game. WFDF’s efforts as fiscal partner support the efforts of Ultimate Peace, and while not changing the world, may change the life of a single individual.

WFDF encourage all disc sports players to check out the web site of Ultimate Peace and consider supporting their efforts. Please keep an eye on their website and upcoming Ultimate related news, as UP will be headed to at least one new region in the coming year.