Poland accepted as a full WFDF National member

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The Polish Ultimate Players Association has been accepted as a WFDF full National Member by an electronic vote of the WFDF Congress, approving their membership unanimously by the votes cast. Please join us in welcoming this Federation as a full National Member. WFDF now counts a total membership of 56 members (36 full Members and 20 provisional members) in 54 countries. The positive support by the WFDF Congress on the Polish membership proposal and the current votes on Hungary and Slovenia are further steps in the process of upgrading the WFDF membership on a global level, stated Robert Nob Rauch, WFDF President. WFDF will move forward in encouraging our current provisional members to develop and consequently apply for full membership. Currently the Congress is voting electronically on the full membership for the national federations of Hungary and Slovenia.