II. Bid Proposal instructions

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When preparing your bid proposal, please use the headings listed below. These headings will allow the Ultimate Committee to make a decision as to the most appropriate site for a WFDF sanctioned Ultimate tournament. The only other criteria that may be used is the past site history of previous tournaments.

It is the intention of the WFDF Board to distribute tournament sites as equitably as possible on a geographic basis, whilst taking into account the distribution of Ultimate players world-wide.

At this stage, your bid will not include a detailed time-line of events leading to the tournament itself. This will be provided for you once your bid is accepted. These further guidelines will include information of the registration of teams, team and player eligibility, the payment of team and player fees, a timescale for the payment of those fees, player uniforms, a deadline for registration, the seeding of teams and the tournament format. All these matters will be decided by the Ultimate Committee and implemented by the TOC and the officials of WFDF appointed to run the organisational and financial aspects listed above.

The TOC will be immediately responsible to the Ultimate Committee for the running of the tournament and ultimately responsible to the WFDF Board.