III. Bid proposal format

In Event Hosting, Sports by WFDF

  1. Proposal Statement
  2. Tournament Location
  3. Tournament Organising Committee (TOC)
  4. Fields
  5. On-Field facilities
  6. Security
  7. Accommodation and Food Services
  8. Medical Services and Facilities
  9. Insurance
  10. Event Transportation
  11. Awards
  12. Players pack
  13. Tournament Social Events
  14. Public Relations and Marketing
  15. Development/Outreach programme
  16. Tournament merchandise
  17. WFDF Facilities and Services
  18. Budget (Bid budget template 2011)

  1. Proposal Statement
    • Organization (association, club, team or individual) hosting the tournament
    • The name of the tournament to be hosted
    • The aims and objectives behind the bid to host the tournament (what about your site or Ultimate community will contribute to a successful event? What other comparable sporting events (Ultimate and other sports) have been held at your site?)
  2. Tournament Location
    • Dates of the tournament
    • Main contact address of the tournament.
    • Site of the tournament fields and accommodation
    • Map of the site
    • Description of typical weather
    • Distance from airports and seaports to tournament site
  3. Tournament Organising Committee (TOC)
    • Tournament Director – address details, qualifications and experience
    • Management Staff – contact information, job descriptions, qualifications and experience (including Field Co-ordinator, Accommodations Director, Medical Director, Statistician, Public Relations, Media Co-ordinator, Business Manager, Sales Manager, etc.)
    • Tournament Staff – numbers of staff for fields, medical, accommodation and food, media, etc. (Include a plan for volunteers – numbers required, recruitment)
    • Facilities to be provided for staff and volunteers including accommodation, food and drink (especially at lunch times), apparel, etc.
  4. Fields
    • Number of fields and location (include map) / Suggested # of Fields Needed
      • WUGC – approximately 20 fields
      • WUCC – approximately 30 fields
      • WJUC – approximately 10-12 fields
      • Regional Events – approximately 10-12 fields
    • Description of quality, grass, slope, and surrounding areas
    • Suitability for spectators
    • Availability of water
    • Lining of fields and cones
    • Scoreboards
    • Lighting available for night games
    • Parking for players and spectators (Cost)
    • Contingency plan should main fields become unavailable.
    • Opening Game/Opening Ceremony and Final Game/Closing Ceremony facilities (if different than above)
      • Stadium location
      • Description of location, field quality, spectator facilities, media facilities, sales opportunities.
  5. On-Field facilities
    • Players centre – in case of rain or sun
    • Public information centre
    • Sales and concessions
    • Toilets and changing rooms including shower facilities
    • Food and drink available on the fields
    • Sound system and radio system for staff
    • Video towers or other filming facilities
    • Scorekeepers and timekeepers
    • Results service
    • Display facilities for playing schedules and results
  6. Security
    • How will you ensure security for players and their possessions on the fields and at their accommodation?
  7. Accommodation and Food Services
    • Range of accommodation available for players, staff and guests, including room size, number of beds per room, bathroom facilities, catering facilities.
    • Camping options
    • Proximity to fields
    • Food options available for players and guests
    • Proximity of other accommodation and food facilities if players do not take up your options.
    • Allocation of meal tickets, player accommodation options etc. (Use ID card?)
  8. Medical Services and Facilities
    • Medical services, facilities, and equipment available to players at the tournament site, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, para-medics, masseurs etc.
    • Hospitals, medical facilities, and ambulance service – proximity to fields, accommodation, or surrounding areas
    • Emergency response plan
  9. Insurance
    • Medical and third party insurance provided by the TOC.
    • TOC collects signed waivers from participants – required by all players before competing. On-line registration is strongly preferred.
  10. Event Transportation
    • Arrangements to transport players from accommodation to fields
    • Transportation details for any special events during the tournament.
  11. Awards
    • Trophies for teams (past events supplied trophies that reflected their city or country or were created by artists from the local Ultimate community)
    • Medals (provided by WFDF) for all players in top three teams of each division.
  12. Players pack
    • What will the TOC provide? Discs, shirts, bags, WFDF Rule books, etc.
    • Identification Cards for players, staff and spectators. (How will these be used – access to meals, accommodation, transportation, and/or special events? Or just for registration purposes?)
  13. Tournament Social Events
    • Opening ceremony
    • Trading night
    • Parties (options for junior players if necessary – based on access to alcohol and local alcohol laws)
    • Events, discos, films, etc.
    • Closing ceremony
    • Are there any local difficulties in partying all night?
  14. Public Relations and Marketing
    • Media Plan – TV, Radio, Print, Internet
    • Tournament newsletter
    • Sponsorship, including companies approached and estimate of financial or product contribution (include letters confirming this)
    • Showcase facilities for the Tournament including national flags, grandstand seating, corporate hospitality
    • Facilities for spectators and guests
  15. Development/Outreach programme
    • Plans to work with community and/or local schools – teach Ultimate, promote event, encourage spectators, etc.
  16. Tournament merchandise
    • Design of tournament Logo (must include WFDF logo on all products) (Logo likely not designed/finalized at bid stage)
    • Plans for retailing merchandise
    • Opportunities for other countries/teams to sell merchandise
  17. WFDF Facilities and Services
    • Rooms and facilities available for WFDF Congress and Forum (costs paid by WFDF)
    • Phone line available for Internet access
    • Conference call telephone facilities available for WFDF officers
  18. Budget
    • Should reflect all aspects of your bid.
    • Should be divided into income and expenditure.
    • Include a range of accommodation options. (Including player costs if a player chooses not to take up your choice of accommodation options.)
    • Important! The WFDF fee for sanctioning any bid is US$30 per player. This is non-negotiable. (Update with new amounts, amounts for Juniors, Guts Players, etc…)
    • Example budget headings that might be included in a tournament bid:


    • Team fees
    • Players fees
    • Sponsorship
    • Advertising
    • Concessions
    • Donations
    • Ticket Sales


    • Business
      • Insurance
      • Administration Fees
      • Bank Fees
      • Office Equipment
      • Pre-Event Meeting Costs
      • Organizer/Staff Salaries (Honorarium)
      • Development Program
      • WFDF Player Fees
    • Social
      • VIP’s
      • Parties
      • Opening/Closing Ceremonies
      • Beer Gardens
      • Trading Night
    • Technology
      • Web Site
      • Cell Phone Rental
      • Servers
      • Web-Casting
      • Computers
    • Fields
      • Field Rentals
      • Lining
      • Waste Management (Port-O-Potties, Garbage, Disposal)
      • Water Services
      • Power Supply
    • Event Rentals
      • Medical
      • Security
      • Tents
      • Tables/Chairs
      • Transportation/Delivery
      • Bleachers
      • Golf Carts
      • Communications
    • Communications/Printing
      • Player Manual
      • Volunteer Manual
      • Tournament Newsletter
      • ID Cards
      • Signage
      • Media Relations
      • Photography
      • Tickets
      • Video Services
      • Flags/Poles
      • Banners
      • Scoreboards
    • Volunteers
      • Clothing
      • Room/Board
      • Food (on-field)
      • Recruitment
      • Volunteer Packages
      • Scorekeeper Packages
      • Pre-Event Meetings, Education
    • Competition
      • Players Packages
      • Trophies (Champions, Spirit, Other)
      • Game Discs
      • Game Stat System
    • Grandstand seating
    • Video towers
    • Sound system
    • Media
    • Radio system
    • ID cards
    • Players discs
    • Flags and poles
    • Tournament newspaper
    • Advertising and banners
    • Transport
    • Design and artwork
    • Players accommodation options
    • Social events
    • Players food options
    • Development programme
    • WFDF Player Fees
    • Medical expenses
    • Groundstaff for field maintenance
    • Trophies
    • Insurance
    • Medals
    • Electricity supplies
    • Administration, web-site, phone bill etc.
    • Players shirts
    • Staff accommodation, staff shirts etc
    • Scoreboards and other field equipment
    • Marquees (tents)
    • Fields