New Guts Catch Record at 124 km/h Reported

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A new world guts catch record was reported by Dave (Nez) Nesbitt, current PDGA Board President and former USGPA and WFDF board member, thrown by Garrett “Double G” Gurthie at 124 km/hr (77 mph). The throw and catch were made at approximately 7:15pm on April 30, 2011 at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling Georgia and recorded by a brand new Bushnell radar gun. The catch was witnessed by approximately 75 disc golfers and friends/family, and verified by Brian Graham, PDGA Executive Director and Disc Golf Hall of Famer, (Crazy) John Brooks, at the time of the catch. The setting of a new world record is subject to confirmation by WFDF Archivist and Record Keeper, Dan (Stork) Roddick. If confirmed, the catch would surpass the previous record of 123 km/hr by Takeshi Osada catching Yasuhiro Komori on May 3, 2008 in Chino-city, Nagano, Japan. Our picture shows Garrett Gurthie (left), Dave Nesbitt in the middle, and (Crazy) John Brooks on the right.

Author: WFDF