Spirit of the Game Time-out

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If there is ever an issue with Spirit of The Game during play, Captains should be aware that the Appendix to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate include a Spirit of the Game Time-out (A7):

  • If a team’s captain believes that either or both teams are failing to follow the Spirit of the Game (SOTG), they may call a “Spirit of the Game Time-out.
  • This can only be called after the start of a point and prior to the ensuing pull.
  • During this time-out, neither team may engage in tactical discussions.
  • All team members of both teams will form a “spirit circle” in the middle of the field.
  • The two opposing team captains shall separately discuss all current issues with adherence to SOTG, determine ways to rectify those issues, and then convey the agreement to the spirit circle.
  • SOTG time-outs do not affect, nor are they affected by, the number of time-outs available.