Responsibilities – Ultimate Committee Chair

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  • Chair ultimate committee discussions
  • World Games liaison for ultimate competition
  • Maintain WFDF version of the rules of ultimate
  • Develop and implement eligibility rules
  • Develop and implement sanctioned event formats, schedules and seeding
  • Chair sanctioned event captain’s meeting and tournament rules committee
  • Liaise with other international ultimate organisations – BULA, EFDF
  • Handle disabled athlete issues
  • Read all correspondence on wfdfultimate mailing list
  • The Ultimate Committee shall address such issues as may affect participants in Ultimate and oversee the world championship competitions, which shall be held in accordance with policies established by the Congress. (by-laws)
  • Bids for such world championships shall be solicited and approved by the Ultimate Committee or a subcommittee designated for such purpose, subject to the approval of the Board. (by-laws)
  • All decisions of the Ultimate Committee may be appealed to the Board, and the rulings of the Board on such matters shall be subject to approval by the Congress. (by-laws)
  • Board member tasks
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