Application process

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Membership applications should be made through the Executive Director. They will help applicants get together the required documentation.

Applications should include the following:

  • Compulsory
    • Information about the applicant – name, address, email, website, key contacts.
    • Copy of the body’s constitution or by/laws.
    • Statement of number of active members.
    • Latest annual financial statement or bank statement.
    • Latest annual report of activities of the organisation.
    • Brief history of the organisation.
    • Statement of the legal status of the organisation (eg incorporation, non-profit etc).
  • Preferred
    • Organisation website.
    • Evidence (eg websites, photographs, media clippings, video) of national championships or other major competitive events held.
    • Evidence of participation of teams in international competition.
    • Evidence of regional reach within the country.
    • Newsletter (paper or electronic) or other communications to the membership.
    • Plans for development of disc sports and the organisation.
    • Reference from at least 1 existing member of WFDF.
    • Reference from a government agency.
Author: WFDF