Membership Benefits

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WFDF Membership provides the following benefits to national organisations and their players:

  1. Competition – The ability to compete in world Championships and continental championships. WFDF strives to ensure that these tournaments are the best-run flying disc events in the world. Participation in these events is defined here.
  2. Promotion – World championships provide opportunities for all members to promote the sport by bringing the best in the world together at a single event.
  3. Athlete pathways – World championships give your athletes something to strive for beyond your national championships.
  4. Event standards – WFDF events are produced to the highest standards, serving as a model for competition at national level, and providing resources that can be reused by national organisations..
  5. Hosting – The opportunity to host world or continental championships, and the financial, administrative and athletic rewards that come with hosting a championship.
  6. Rules – Standard rules for all disc sports that are used throughout the vast majority of the world.
  7. Representation – Members have a voice in decision-making processes which affect disc sports globally, nationally and locally.
  8. Communication – WFDF is a forum for international discussion on the development of disc sports and sharing of ideas and expertise. WFDF disseminates information about disc sports to its members through email lists and its website.
  9. Lobbying – WFDF promotes disc sports in the international sporting community through its relations to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as recognised IF, its membership of ARISF, Sportaccord (former GAISF) and IWGA.
  10. Credibility – WFDF’s recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its membership of ARISF, Sportaccord (former GAISF) and IWGA and its profile on the international sporting landscape can help national associations gain recognition and support from their governments, corporate sponsors and the wider community.
  11. Recruitment – Being on WFDF’s contact list will attract local and visiting international players to your organisation and events.
  12. Spirit of the Game – WFDF safeguards spirit of the game globally by developing and communicating programs for strengthening SOTG and by fostering international fellowship bound together with SOTG..
  13. World Records – Administering world records and the standards by which they are set.
  14. Inspiration – Athletes that compete internationally often become inspired to get more involved with administration at a local or national level and drive organisations and teams to achieve more.
  15. Expansion – WFDF facilitates the establishment of disc sports in new countries, through developing ties with established neighbouring national organisations, supplying administrative advice and providing models for competition and development. The establishment of new national organisations provide variety in competition for its existing members, closer to home, and enriches the cultural experience of playing disc sports.
  16. Long-term benefits – The foundations that WFDF is laying will pay dividends in the long-term to organisations and players at all levels.
  17. As member associations of an IOC recognised Federation (IOC) WFDF members can apply for national recognition by their National Olympic Committee (NOC) to be granted on their NOCs discretion.