AOUC 2011 – The daily report – Day 2

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The Open and Mixed teams from Japan seem to be unbeatable during the 2011 WFDF Asia Oceanic Championships in Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei) as day 2 of the competitions just has concluded. Both teams won all their games again and scored 17 goals. One can say that the other teams did not really stand a chance yet against “Nippon”.

For the home teams from Chinese Taipei this can hardly be followed even when they are considered as hardest opponents of Japan on their way to two gold medals in AOUC. But Australia in the Mixed division at least wants to secure silver having beaten Chinese Taipei with a 17:4 score today after a 10:12 loss yesterday. Both teams now have won three games and have lost two. Tomorrow will be the day of truth for them when they try to secure the goals needed for the place in the final versus Singapore and Hong Kong.

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