AOUC 2011 – The daily report – Day 3

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The day 3 of AOUC 2011 in Kaohsiung saw both teams from Japan go straight to the finals as number 1 seed in both divisions. After the team from India had forfeited both games due to injuries only two games were played at the National Stadium. So it did not come as a great surprise that the finals on Sunday will be played between Japan and Chinese Taipei in the Open division and Japan and Australia in the Mixed division. The bronze medal game in the Mixed division will be Chinese Taipei vs Singapore.

The bronze medal game in the Open division was cancelled due to the drop-out of team India bringing already the bronze medal rank to Singapore. A showcase game between Singapore (Open) and Hong Kong China (Mixed) will be played instead.

The seeds after the round robin:

Open division: 1. Japan, 2. Chinese Taipei, 3. Singapore, 4. India.

Mixed division: 1. Japan, 2. Australia, 3. Chinese Taipei, 4. Singapore, 5. Hong Kong China.

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