The WFDF Athletes’ Commission

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The purpose of the WFDF Athletes’ Commission is to promote open communication with, and solicit feedback from, flying disc athletes, and give them a formal role in the decision-making process of WFDF.  The WFDF Athletes’ Commission will have as its main focus the issues facing athletes in the sport of Ultimate, as this is our largest disc sport constituency and the one that is involved in the World Games.


Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the WFDF Athletes’ Commission are to:

  • Serve as a non-political group which can offer advice, feedback, and assistance to WFDF on matters and issues of relevance to all Ultimate athletes;
  • Promote high standards of sportsmanship and ethical performance when athletes are competing/participating at the international level;
  • Provide regular reports and recommendations to the WFDF Board on issues of relevance to athletes;
  • Examine the WFDF business plan and give feedback to the Board on areas of improvement and/ or concerns that require input from athletes;
  • Bring the athletes point of view to the Medical & Anti-Doping Committee on issues concerning athletes health and anti-doping issues
  • Relate directly to and represent athletes competing at the highest level and establish relationships to promote feedback to WFDF on matters concerning elite athletes; and
  • Act as a promotional tool available for the purposes of promoting Ultimate to sponsors, the media and the general public.


Operating Guidelines

The Athletes’Commission will consist of a maximum of three (3) members, comprised of a Chair and two (2) ordinary members; the Chair shall be chosen by the elected members themselves;

To be eligible, a candidate must be a participant in the current World Championship or have participated in a World Championship within the previous four years;

In each election, there must be at least one male and one female member elected;

The term of office for Commission members will be two (2) years.  Elections will be held every two years during the World Ultimate Championship or World Ultimate Club Championship with all athletes participating in the event given one vote;

There shall be one formal meeting per year, which may be held in-person or telephonically; other meetings may be called for if needed, and may be held on an informal basis when the opportunity arises;

The Chairperson of the Athletes Commission will be invited to attend Board meetings as an official non-voting Observer; and

Commission members will receive a copy of the WFDF Board minutes, technical bulletins and WFDF Events reports.


Initial Introduction in 2012

Any interested athlete should contact the WFDF Executive Director for more information.  Candidates will need to submit a candidate’s statement, curriculum vitae, and endorsement from their WFDF Member association no later than June 7, 2012.  The candidates’ materials will be compiled and posted on the WFDF website in advance of the WUGC.  At WUGC, a voting mechanism will be established to provide an opportunity for all athletes participating in the event given one vote.  This is likely to be a paper vote to be distributed through team captains.  Votes will be collected no later than Thursday night.  The Executive Director will be responsible for collecting such votes and tallying them by Saturday morning.  The three winners shall be announced at the Closing Ceremony at which time they will be introduced to their peers.


Composition of the Commission

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