FPA Freestyle World Championships 2012 – Results of the event in Riccione (Italy) held on 2-5 August

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altThe Freestyle Player Association (FPA) World Championships 2012 were held from August 2 to 5 in Riccione (Italy). A total number of 67 players from 10 countries (USA, ITA, SWE, GER, SUI, HUN, CZE, GBR, JPN, COL) competed in event. Spectators were given four days of flying disc choreographed routines, amazing tricks and breathtaking moves between 2 – 5 August on the beach of Riccione (near Rimini) in Italy and, as always, the Adriatic Sea coastline continues to be an ideal setting for the premier freestyle disc event (and many Paganello tournaments).

Teams from the USA won the gold medal in the Women`s Pairs, Mixed Pairs and Open Co-Op competition whilst host country Italy took the gold in the coveted Open Pairs event. Lori Daniels and Emma Kahle (both USA) were the winners of the Women`s Pairs Final, whilst Clay Collera and Andrea Dini (both Italy) claimed the title in the Open Pairs event. Charlene Powell and Mike Galloupe (both USA) won the Mixed Pairs Final and Paul Kenny, Daniel O`Neill and James Wiseman (all USA) are the new World Champions in the Open Co-Op Final.

Some of the excitement was highlighted by the fact that most of the FPA Worlds winners won their first world title at this tournament: Andrea Dini, Emma Kahle, James Wiseman, Daniel O'Neill, Charlene Powell, Mike Galloupe. Congratulations to our newest world champions!

This year's FPA Worlds event also included an individual head-to-head competition, which featured 8 of the best freestylers in the world demonstrating their hardest moves in front of a select panel of judges (and riveted audience members). After several rounds of intense combination of freestyle moves (including double-spins into restricted pulls into crazy spinning catches), the Super Pro Champion winner was Balu XXX from Hungary.



  1. Lori Daniels/Emma Kahle (USA/USA)
  2. Karolina Hagenbjörk/Bianca Strunz (SWE/GER)
  3. Lisa Hunrichs/Nadine Klos (USA/GER)
  4. Gloria Alessandrini/Irena Kulisanova (ITA/CZE)


  1. Clay Collera/Andrea Dini (ITA/ITA)
  2. Christian Lamred/Balu Major (GER/HUN)
  3. Claudio Cigna/Marco Prati (ITA/ITA)
  4. Manuel Cesari/Tom Leitner (ITA/ITA-USA)
  5. Daniel O’Neill/Randy Silvey (USA/USA)
  6. Jake Gauthier/James Wiseman (USA/USA)
  7. Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright (USA/USA)
  8. Pavel Baranyk/Jacub Kostel (CZE/CZE)


  1. Char Powell/Mike Galloupe (USA/USA)
  2. Lori Daniels/Jake Gauthier (USA/USA)
  3. Nadine Klos/Christian Lamred (GER/GER)
  4. Lisa Hunrichs/Freddy Finner (USA/GER)
  5. Irena Kulisanova/Pavel Baranyk (CZE/CZE)
  6. Gloria Alessandrini/Clay Collera (ITA/ITA)


  1. Paul Kenny/Daniel O’Neill/James Wiseman (USA/USA/USA)
  2. Pavel Baranyk/Tom Leitner/Balu Major (CZE/ITA-USA/HUN)
  3. Jake Gauthier/Randy Silvey/Ryan Young (USA/USA/USA)
  4. Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli/Marco Prati (ITA/ITA/ITA)
  5. Claudio Cigna/Clay Collera/Reto Zimmerman (ITA/ITA/SUI)
  6. Larry Imperiale/Andrea Rimatori/Bill Wright (USA/ITA/USA)

Find more information and videos on the official event website: www.freestyle2012.com  and www.freestyledisc.org

Next year's Freestyle World Championship will be held in Santa Cruz, CA (USA) in mid-August 2013. In 2014, the Freestyle World Championships will be held in Medellin, Colombia (South America).