The 2012 WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships are on stage

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The 2012 World Flying Disc Federation World Junior Ultimate Championships and EUF EYUC U-17 are on stage. Sunday night saw the opening ceremony take place in Albert College Park. The sun came out, the teams created a carnival atmosphere and most importantly the tournament mascot, Micheal J. Fox finally had a chance to meet the crowd! Spectators were wowed by a traditional Irish dance group, introduced to Mark Kendall, the WFDF Representative, and attendance heard from Dominick Smyth, the Tournament Director. All of this was part of the build up to the main event – the first game of the tournament. 

Colombia have pedigree at Juniors level. They have strong programs that run deep across the country and they have travelled with many players to Dublin, much like they did to Japan for WUGC. Israel are a young Ultimate nation but are well coached and were gunning for an upset. The game started tightly with neither team able to get further than a point ahead. Spectacular plays came from both teams with the Israelis going a break up at one point. Israel ran hard until the second half when the Colombians took control. Perhaps tired legs didn’t help the Israelis but the Colombians looked very strong and will only improve. 17-6 was the final score. A fun game to open the week! More things are expected to come.

“All of us here in the organising committee hope this is just the start of a great week for everyone and can't wait to hear the noises flying around the dining hall tomorrow night”, stated TOC Director Dominick Smyth after the official opening of WJUC.

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