Sport for all and Development Commission

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Chair: Gabriele Sani (ITA)

WFDF Development Director, Europe

Deputy Chair: Caroline Malone (QAT)

WFDF Board Member, AFDF Deputy Secretary General, Asia 

Brian Gisel Brian Gisel (CAN)

WFDF Board Member, Advisor

Alex Matovu (UGA)

AAFDF President, Northern and Central Africa 


Jesus Loreto (VEN)

PAFDF President, South America 


Patrick Fourcampre Maye

Patrick Fourcampre-Maye (UAE)

Middle East 


Nick Zaloumis (RSA)

Southern Africa 


Johanna von Toggenburg (LIB)

WFDF Sustainability Officer


Thierry Fulconis (LUX)

(LUX) Small states and member associations

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