WFDF announces creation of four new Commissions addressing Sport for All and Development, Athlete`s Entourage, Ethics, and Youth and Sport

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The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), in an effort to enhance its governance procedures and to get input from leading disc sport experts from around the globe in several key areas, announced today the creation and composition of four new Commissions: Sport for All and Development, Athletes’ Entourage, Ethics, and Youth and Sport. Together with the Athletes’ Commission and Women in Sport Commission that were previously established, this brings WFDF into full compliance with the institutional framework for best practices outlined by the International Olympic Committee for international sports federations.

The WFDF Sport for All and Development Commission will address questions on the development of Flying Disc sports in all countries and in particular on the grass roots level. Chaired by WFDF Board member Brian Gisel (CAN), the Commission’s mission is to coordinate efforts to increase global participation and to develop ideas and initiatives to promote Flying Disc sports on all continents.

Working on initiatives to make sure that the Entourage always serves in the best interest of athletes, the WFDF Entourage Commission will advise the WFDF Board of Directors on questions related to the Athletes’ Entourage, such as coaches, team managers, physicians, physiotherapists, youth chaperones, and other members of the groups supporting our athletes. The Commission also will monitor and further develop the new WFDF Guidelines for the Conduct of the Athletes’ Entourage.

The new WFDF Ethics Commission will assume responsibilities and duties as defined in the new WFDF Code of Ethics and the new WFDF Conflict of Interest Policy and advise the WFDF Board of Directors on questions related to the Ethics in Sport. Under the leadership of WFDF President Robert "Nob" Rauch as Chair, the Commission will ensure the presence of ethical principles within the WFDF governance structures.

Coordinating the efforts to increase global participation of young people in Flying Disc sports, the members of the new WFDF Youth in Sport Commission will contribute to the development of plans to promote and develop Flying Disc sports for young people on all continents and to deliver advocacy on youth questions in Flying Disc sports.

"WFDF is pleased to be able to continue to improve its governance structure and excited to bring in so many experienced and enthusiastic members of the disc community from around the world to serve on these Commissions. The new Commissions, alongside the existing Athletes’ Commission and Women in Sport Commission, are going to add a lot of different perspectives to our strategic discussions at the board level and bring a great deal of expertise, enthusiasm and transparency into WFDF’s administration," stated WFDF President Robert "Nob" Rauch. "As disc sports grow globally – and we now have formal Member associations in 55 countries and active groups in another two dozen nations — we recognize we need to more formally and intensively address the important questions and issues that we expect to be covered in these new initiatives".

The following lists the members of the four new Commissions:

Sport for All and Development

  • Brian Gisel (CAN)
  • Patrick Fourcampre-Maye (UAE)
  • Andrea "Oddi" Furlan (GER)
  • Nic Labuscagne (RSA)
  • Jesus Loreto (VEN)
  • Alex Matovu (UGA)
  • Robert McLeod (CAN)
  • Prof. Fumio Morooka (JPN)
  • James Wiseman (USA)


  • Jeff Cruickshanck (CAN)
  • Kevin Givens (USA)
  • Greta Hunt (AUS)
  • Laura Partridge (GBR)
  • Dr. Otto Bernhard (GER)


  • Robert "Nob" Rauch (USA)
  • Richard Palmer (GBR)
  • Dr. Holger Preuss (GER)
  • Dr. Martin Schnitzer (ITA)
  • Dr. Benoît Séguin (CAN)

Youth and Sport

  • Nelli Andersson (SWE)
  • Tiina Booth (USA)
  • Eric Delafortrie (BEL)
  • Mark Kendall (GER)
  • Dario Lucisano (ITA)
  • Romano Ludovic (FRA)
  • Prof. Fumio Morooka (JPN)
  • Luis Rodriguez (COL)
  • Dominick Smyth (IRL)
  • Dan Tapuach (ISR)
Author: WFDF