BULA/WFDF European Championships of Beach Ultimate 2013 – communication and media platforms launched

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The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the BULA/WFDF 2013 European Championships of Beach Ultimate (ECBU2013) has launched the media platforms and communication plan for the event.

LOC opened up live.ecbu2013.org. This will be the basis of all online coverage of the BULA/WFDF event which will be held on Calafell Beach, Tarragona (Spain) 27-30 June 2013. This premier Beach Ultimate event will feature 1,150 athletes from 23 nations in 7 divisions of play.

The website is optimized for mobile viewing so people can catch all the excitement:

•    Live online broadcasts of 38 games. Playo.tv and NGN will use YouTube Live to stream all games played in the Arena. Live streaming starts on Thursday June 27 at 11 AM Central European Time (CET) when #1 seed Germany takes on host Spain in the Mixed division.

•    Live scoring for ALL games. Score keepers at every field will enter scores and assist immediately into the live scoring system which is then made available for viewing online at live.ecbu2013.org and twitter.com/ECBUAllResults.

•    Country specific fan pages. By combining live scoring with specific tags on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and Flickr, fans can hang out at pages such as live.ecbu2013.org/country/gbr (for content generated by fans and during event).

•    Daily video highlights. Skyd Magazine's video and reporting crew will be out in full force and will publish daily stories online. Each day, at 10 PM local time, they will also broadcast the video highlights of the day at live.ecbu2013.org.

•    Amazing photography. Three photographers will take, and continuously upload, professional pictures to live.ecbu2013.org and by using the right tags everyone can follow their favorite team and country.

A summary of the entire communication and media program can be reviewed in this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ir0xdZo79s .

“The media coverage of this event is going to be fantastic and will open Beach Ultimate to new audiences,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch on the media platforms for ECBU. “WFDF’s Beach Ultimate chair Patrick van der Valk and the LOC staff are showcasing what can be done to maximize the opportunities through new media to present our events to world class standards while still being quite cost-effective.”