WFDF Launches a Development Grants Program to Support Projects by Member Associations or Individuals – Also establishes a Disc Missionary Program

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The WFDF is pleased to announce that it has established two new programs to support the global development of flying disc sports.  

Under the Development Grants Program, funding will be provided to support worthy ideas brought to the board by Member Associations or individuals. For the purposes of the program, “development” is defined broadly, and could include the introduction of disc sports into new countries, the expansion of disc sports activity in developing countries, gender inclusion projects, programs for spirit of the game education, youth programs, coaches training, anti-doping education, etc.  Grants will be for amounts up to US$1,500 including the value of discs that may be a part of the request, with most grants expected to be in the range of US$250-400.  WFDF is also making available a Disc Missionary Program, where flying disc athletes travelling to areas where disc sports are not actively practiced may receive a package of 10 discs to distribute.  The applicant must provide information about the trip and explain how they intend to introduce disc sports to a new population.  Discraft has generously agreed to contribute the discs being made available under these programs.

“One of the areas in which WFDF strives to be proactive but has had mixed impact is in the area of development.  This is largely due to a lack of people resources to conceive and carry out tangible projects,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch.  “In order to leverage our resources, we have established these two programs to support our Member Association or disc sport enthusiasts in promoting the growth of disc sports.  The WFDF board has established a limited budget to fund the programs, and we want to thank Discraft for agreeing to contribute the discs that will be made available under these initiatives.”

For more information and details on the application procedure, please go to the WFDF web site at: .

Author: WFDF