WFDF publishes interim report of the Spirit of the Game Task Force

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WFDF is pleased to announce that the interim report of the Spirit of the Games Task Force has been published for review by the Flying Disc community under this link.

“We are pleased to publish this interim report in order to inform the Flying Disc community on the current status of the discussions of the task force, led by Rueben Berg,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We hope to generate feedback and input for these discussions from WFDF members and athletes so that we can consider all points of view in a transparent decision making process.”

On 30 September 2013, WFDF established a Task Force to consider its Position on the Spirit of the Game and on-field officiation issues for Ultimate. It was expected that the task force would come up with an initial written report to the Board discussing their definition of the scope of the review.

The Task Force was given two objectives: (1) reaffirm WFDF’s definition of Spirit of the Game and review, develop and strengthen existing programs in order to promote a clearer and more consistent understanding of how it should be applied; and (2) answer the question on how WFDF can ensure that Ultimate athletes play a fair game that is also viewable (interesting for spectators in person and on TV/internet to watch).

The expected target date for a final report is in time for presentation to the 2014 Congress in Lecco, Italy, which will take place on 1-2 August 2014.

Author: WFDF