WFDF sanctions 2014 European Disc Golf Championships (EDGC)

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WFDF is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the Association Championnats d’Europe de Disc Golf 2014 to sanction the 2014 European Disc Golf Championships (EDGC). The event will be held in the city of Geneva, Switzerland, from 20 to 23 August 2014, in the “Centre intercommunal des sports, loisirs et nature Des Evaux.” The bid was prepared and coordinated by Paul Francz & Boris Lazzarotto, representing the TOC for the event.

The 2014 Disc Golf European Championships (EDGC 2014) will be organized by Disc Golf Genève in co-operation with swiss discgolf (national association), which will act as the Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC).
“WFDF is extremely pleased to have signed this agreement with ACEDG to sanction the EDGC 2014 in Switzerland,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “EDGC will be the first Disc Golf event sanctioned by WFDF since the signing of the memorandum of understanding between WFDF and the Profession Disc Golf Association (PDGA), and we look forward to supporting and promoting the event to the greatest extent we can.”

“Disc Golf Genève has been running Disc Golf events in Geneva since many years and continues to provide the best disc golf events in Switzerland,” stated TOC President Boris Lazzarotto upon signature of the agreement. “Switzerland already hosted the 1999 European Championships in Gstaad in the early stage of the EDGC. In hosting EDGC 2014, Disc Golf Genève aims to provide Europe and all participants and guests with a unique and outstanding experience. Building on the technical and organizational successes of past events, and drawing on a wealth of local experience, EDGC 2014 in Geneva aims to be remembered as one of the best major tournaments ever staged in Switzerland. It is a further goal of TOC to use this event to continue to push forward the awareness of the sport of disc golf in Geneva, Switzerland and Europe. We feel that by working to raise the profile of the sport we can all continue to make gains in terms of media recognition and sponsorship opportunities.”

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