WFDF Athletes’ Commission elections 2014 – call for nominations

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WFDF had established its first ever Athletes’ Commission with elections held during the WUGC 2012 in Sakai, Japan. As the initial term of the Commission members comes to an end in 2014 during World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC), WFDF is now putting out a new call for nominations for the Athletes’ Commission to be voted on by the participating athletes at the WFDF 2014 WUCC in Lecco, Italy.

The WFDF Athletes’ Commission was established to promote open communication with, and solicit feedback from, current elite flying disc athletes, and give them a formal role in the decision-making process of WFDF.  The WFDF Athletes’ Commission has as its main focus the issues facing athletes in the sport of Ultimate, as this is our largest disc sport constituency and the one that is involved in the World Games.

To be eligible, a candidate must be a participant in the current World Championship or have participated in a World Championship within the previous four years. The full description of the WFDF Athletes’ Commission, including the roles and responsibilities and operating guidelines of the program, is outlined on the following page.

In 2014 upon the recommendation of the Commission, WFDF will be introducing some changes in the composition structure of the Commission. The term of office has been enlarged to a four year term and the number of members will be increased to six, with three chosen at the 2014 WUCC and an additional three to be chosen at the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate & Guts Championships.

Candidates need to submit a candidate’s statement, curriculum vitae, and endorsement from their WFDF Member association no later than July 2, 2014 to be considered in the election.  The candidates’ materials will be compiled and posted on the WFDF website in advance of the WUCC.  At WUCC, a voting mechanism will be established to provide an opportunity for all athletes participating in the event given one vote. This is likely to be a paper vote to be distributed through team captains. Votes will be collected no later than Thursday night of the WUCC week’s schedule.  The WFDF Executive Director will be responsible for collecting such votes and tallying them by Saturday morning. The three winners will be announced at the Closing Ceremony at which time they will be introduced to their peers.

At this time, we also wish to thank the current three members of the Athletes’ Commission for their contributions over the last two years:  Ryan Purcell, who served as chair (RSA), Anna Haynes (AUS), and Matt Doyle (CAN).

Please direct any questions you may have to Volker Bernardi at [email protected] and thank you for your interest.