WFDF releases updated Appendix to the Rules of Ultimate

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WFDF is pleased to announce that the updated Appendix to the Rules of Ultimate is released. The Appendix incorporates the recommendations that were made regarding Game Advisors as part of the Interim Report of the WFDF Spirit of the Game (SOTG) Task Force.

This Interim Report was released, along with the Final Report, on June 4. The Final Report included additional recommendations regarding the role of Game Advisors, and these additional recommendations, if approved by Congress at Lecco in August, will be considered for future updates.

The other significant changes within this update are the amendment of the Official WFDF Hand Signals, which have been changed to better align with those of USAU.

“We are pleased to publish this updated Appendix complementing the other new rules which had been released in early June,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “This updated Appendix will be in effect for the upcoming WJUC and WUCC events in July and August.”

Updated Appendix and track changes version are available under these links.