WFDF announces results of first ever Global Disc Sports Community Survey

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WFDF is pleased to announce that it has published a report of the results of the first ever Global Disc Sports Community survey, which was launched in February 2014. The 2014 survey was designed to gather input from athletes, coaches, administrators, tournament directors, and anyone else involved with disc sports from around the globe.  The survey was conducted in February and March 2014 on and was open to anyone.

“WFDF had previously conducted surveys of its Member Associations in 2011-2013 but this was the first attempt to get input directly from the athletes and other members of the community,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch on the objective of the survey. “We wanted to gather demographic information about the disc sports community that could be used to support promotional efforts to further the sport, and to get input on a variety of topics that are currently being discussed. We thank everyone who participated.”

There were a total of 3,379 responses. This should be seen in the context of the 145,592 athletes represented by WFDF’s Member associations, or roughly a 2.3% participation rate. Of the respondents, 91% state that Ultimate is their primary disc sport, although 20% indicate they have also been actively involved with disc golf. Over 24% of respondents have participated in a World Championship event, while 29% participate at only local or regional events, and 40% travel outside their local community seven times or more a year. Not surprisingly, 56% of respondents are 17-23 years of age. Geographically, respondents came from 75 countries, with 21% residing in the US, 12% in Germany, 10% in the UK, 6% in Colombia, 5% in France, 4% in Canada, 4% in Poland, and 3% in Spain.

“In highlighting some of the opinion topics, we note that respondents gave reasonably high marks to the Championship events of WFDF, averaging “good” or “2” on a five point scale where “1” was excellent,” added Rauch on WFDF’s performance perception. “Events are the highest priority followed by the growth and development of the sport. And over 45% feel that Olympic Games’ participation is the highest or an extremely high priority. Respondents broadly think that the “professional” leagues in the USA are good for Ultimate but believe that the leagues should stick with existing rules and work with established associations governing Ultimate. There was strong agreement with the statements that ‘Ultimate is not ‘Ultimate’ without ‘spirit of the game’’ and that ‘being self-officiated is a great branding opportunity for Ultimate.’ In North America, less than 8% do not think that WFDF should experiment with Observers, while for respondents living in the rest of the world, 53% of players believe WFDF should experiment with Observers while38% disagree. With respect to the role of WFDF’s new Game Advisors, players in Canada and the USA are far more comfortable with a more active role in making and enforcing calls onfield than players elsewhere in the world. In any case there is a pretty consistent desire to see further synchronization between the WFDF and North American rules of Ultimate.”

Detailed summary results are provided in the published report which can be accessed here (link).