Tremendous success of WFDF Anti-Doping Program at 2014 World Championships events in all categories

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The WFDF Anti-Doping Program at the 2014 World Championships in Lecco, Italy, involving all age categories from Under-19 to Master’s, turned out to be a “tremendous success,” per WFDF President Robert L. “Nob” Rauch as he commented on the program held in conjunction with the WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) and the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships.  

“WFDF is pleased to announce that 760 athletes competing in our WJUC and WUCC events successfully passed the “Real Winner” Anti-Doping educational and learning quiz licensed to WFDF by SportAccord and its Doping Free Sports Unit (DFSU),” stated Rauch, adding that “a total number of more than 950 athletes completed at least the most important stages of the Real Winner quiz as well.”  WFDF required that at least three players including the Team Captain of all of the 160 teams participating in WUCC and more than 40 teams playing in WJUC needed to pass the Real Winner certification.

“We are extremely grateful for this tremendous success of our educational efforts related to the Anti-Doping fight and express our thanks to all WFDF member national associations from the 41 countries participating in WJUC and WUCC for fully complying with our Anti-Doping requests.”

Not only was this the biggest initiative undertaken by WFDF in the area of Anti-Doping but it was also accompanied by promotional activities conducted by WFDF and the Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) at these events.  “The compliance of athletes and national member associations’ delegations exceeded all expectations,” Rauch commented further. “And the official game disc displaying the “SAY NO TO DOPING” message prominently greatly supported WADA’s campaign on the fields.”

The WFDF Anti-Doping officials supervised the Anti-Doping Testing programs at WUCC. “All athletes fully complied with our Anti-Doping requirements and this was greatly supported by their team staff,” according to the evaluation of WFDF Executive Director and chair of the Doping Control Panel, Volker Bernardi. “The next step for WFDF will be the amendment of the WFDF Anti-Doping rules to fully comply with the new WADA World Anti-Doping Code effective 1 January 2015 and the establishment of a new Anti-Doping program plan for 2015-2017.”

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