WFDF Congress approves United Arabian Ultimate and Congolese Flying Disc Federation as regular members

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altWFDF is pleased to announce that the Congress has approved United Arabian Ultimate (UAU) and the Féderation Congolaise de Disque Volant (FCDV) as regular national members of the World Flying Disc Federation. The acceptance of these two groups brings the WFDF membership to 62 member associations in 58 countries, adding key countries in the Middle East and Africa to the WFDF membership portfolio.

“We are pleased that WFDF’s Congress has admitted the member associations from the United Arab Emirates and the Democratic Republic of Congo. United Arabian Ultimate will be the hosts to the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in March 2015 and teams from the UAE have participated in WFDF sanctioned events in the past. Flying disc activity in Dubai under UAU President Patrick Maye has been quite active and it is growing rapidly and we expect that this will catalyze the further growth of our sport in other countries in the Middle East,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “Also, WFDF has specifically established the development of flying disc in Africa as a key element in our development strategy and we are excited to see the Flying Disc Federation of the Democratic Republic of Congo join Uganda as a WFDF member in East Africa, where flying disc is reaching a critical mass with active play in other countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. We thank President José Nkanga and Vice-President Haru Ohkawa for all their organizational efforts.”

“Recognition by WFDF is a very big deal for us and something we have been working towards for some time,” said UAU President Patrick Fourcampré-Maye. “Membership will help develop Ultimate not just in the UAE but regionally too. We may be a small community of players but we hope to be an active member learning from and contributing to the global Ultimate community in the years to come.”

Commented Haru Ohkawa, Vice-President of FCDV: “We are deeply honored to join WFDF as a regular member. Our goal is to achieve a peaceful and safe world with a Frisbee. We are looking forward to seeing you at WFDF World Championships, merci!”

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