WFDF releases first ever World Ultimate Country Ranking list

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The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has released the first ever World Ultimate Country Ranking list for WFDF member nations who have participated in major events over the past four years.  The top ten countries per the new ranking system are:  United States of America, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, France, Colombia, Austria, and Italy.  The rankings will be updated on a rolling four year basis based on performance in WFDF’s five major Ultimate World Championships.

“The WFDF Ultimate Committee thought it would be interesting to develop a country ranking system to measure overall excellence across all divisions of play,” stated WFDF Ultimate Committee chair Brian Gisel.  “It is important to note that this ranking system is not going to be used for technical purposes such as ranking, seeding, bid allocation or World Games or other major event qualification purposes, as those will continue to be based on division by division performance.”  Robert “Nob” Rauch, WFDF President, added “We hope that this ranking system provides a benchmark for our member associations to understand how they stack up against other nations in terms of performance and the depth of their elite Ultimate programs.”

Rankings this year are based on the finishing position of each country’s top team in each playing division over the last four years from the most recent major Ultimate events, as follows:

–    WFDF 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC)
–    WFDF 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC)
–    WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Championships (WU23)
–    WFDF 2014 World Ultimate Junior Championships (WJUC)
–    WFDF 2011 World Championships of Beach Ultimate (WCBU)

Points are accumulated based on the finishing position of the highest ranked team for each country in each playing division, with a maximum number of points awarded to the first place team equal to the number of countries participating in that division.  The number of points awarded is reduced by 1 for each lower finishing position. For example, in a competitive division with 16 different countries represented, the first place team receives 16 points for their country, the second place team receives 15 points, the third 14 points, and so on. The total score accumulates these points across all divisions in all events.  These rankings will be updated at the conclusion of each major event listed above.

The total ranking can be found in the following table.

WFDF World Ultimate Country Ranking

WFDF World Ultimate Rankings – 2015-01-01
Rank Team Country Points
1 USA United States of America 295
2 CAN Canada 239
3 GER Germany 217
4 GBR Great Britain 210
5 AUS Australia 200
6 JPN Japan 192
7 FRA France 140
8 COL Colombia 137
9 AUT Austria 122
10 ITA Italy 121
11 FIN Finland 98
12 SUI Switzerland 96
13 NZL New Zealand 81
14 RUS Russia 70
15 ESP Spain 55
16 IRL Ireland 52
17 POL Poland 46
18 DEN Denmark 44
18 SIN Singapore 44
18 SWE Sweden 44
21 CZE Czech Republic 39
22 NED Netherlands 38
23 LAT Latvia 37
24 BEL Belgium 34
25 EST Estonia 30
26 ISR Israel 29
26 MEX Mexico 29
28 PHI Philippines 28
28 VEN Venezuela 28
30 POR Portugal 22
31 SVK Slovakia 19
32 RSA South Africa 14
33 HKG Hong Kong, China 13
33 CHN People`s Republic of China 13
35 HUN Hungary 12
35 KOR Republic of Korea 12
37 SLO Slovenia 10
37 DOM Dominican Republic 10
39 BRA Brazil 7
39 UKR Ukraine 7
41 TPE Chinese Taipei 6
42 UAE United Arab Emirates 4
43 IND India 2
44 TUR Turkey 1
44 UGA Uganda 1


Author: WFDF