Ultimate Central and the World Flying Disc Federation Announce Partnership for WFDF 2015 World U23 Championships

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Ultimate Central, an event management platform for the sport of Ultimate, and the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), Ultimate's international governing body, today announced a partnership which will allow WFDF to run the WU23 website, payment, registration, schedule creation, and scoring on the Ultimate Central platform.

Recently, WFDF made the strategic decision to unify web platforms and processes around its major events.  Historically, independent event organizers were tasked with finding their own web platforms, registration systems, and tournament management systems for scoring, bracket creation, and statistics, and there was little coordination to use what had been developed previously, leading to significant duplication of efforts and inefficiencies. "Ultimate Central's integrated CMS, registration, and tournament management platform will allow us to provide organizers with one single solution to run sanctioned events, saving them time and money of developing and troubleshooting custom systems and making sure event websites remained available for years to come," said Brian Gisel, chair of WFDF's Ultimate Committee.

Additionally, since Ultimate Central already works with over 220 ultimate organizations all around the world, the 130,000+ players with existing Ultimate Central accounts will be able to re-use their existing login to register for an event, saving players time filling out information and allowing WFDF to more efficiently collect player information.  

"We're extremely excited to partner with the World Flying Disc Federation. As most of us are disc sports organizers ourselves, we share their vision of saving organizers time by creating a unified platform for event registration and management," said Jeremy Kauffman, Ultimate Central's CEO.

Ultimate Central will be deployed for the WFDF 2015 World Under-23 Championships in London, taking place this summer from July 12-18. The Tournament Organizing Committee has already been working with Ultimate Central to create the website for the event, which they expect to launch soon.  Robert “Nob” Rauch, WFDF President, commented that “WFDF has signed an initial one year contract with Ultimate Central and will review the performance later this year.  WFDF has committed to take on more of the responsibilities of organizing our championship events to make it easier for our tournament organizing committees to focus on the crucial local logistics, with the goal of raising the level of excellence and consistency from event to event.”

About Ultimate Central

Ultimate Central is an ultimate-focused organization management platform which contains tools for organizers to manage web content, registrations, payments, and events, all through one easy-to-use platform.  Since its founding in 2011, Ultimate Central has added over 200 ultimate leagues, tournaments, and organizations to its network, including major clients such as Ultimate Canada, Australia Flying Disc Association, and the World Flying Disc Federation.  For more information, see this link.