WFDF welcomes Kenya and Qatar as member associations

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The World Flying Disc Federation is pleased to announce that the WFDF Congress has voted to approve Qatar and Kenya as WFDF provisional member associations.  A total number of 50 regular member participated in the ballot, totaling 126 out of 132 votes available. With one abstention totaling 4 votes, the new member associations were approved unanimously. The approval of the memberships of the Kenya Flying Disc Association (KFDA) and Ultimate Players Association of Qatar (UPAQ) brings the total WFDF membership to member associations in 60 countries, with another four disc sport organizational members in Beach Ultimate, Freestyle, Disc Golf, and Guts.

“We are very pleased to welcome new member associations from Africa and the Middle East onto our membership roll,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch on the new WFDF members. “Both the Kenya Flying Disc Association and the Ultimate Players Association of Qatar have had an active grass roots community for several years which is a key focus for us in our review of membership in new member countries as we seek to maintain the high quality of our member associations, and both competed in our World Championships of Beach Ultimate in early March in Dubai.  With our goal of reaching the critical mass of 75 member countries by mid-2017, it is exciting to see the existing disc sports communities in Africa and the Middle East get more organized and we continue to actively support regional play in order to foster new members from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.”

Commented Michael McGuirk of KFDA on the approval given by WFDF: "The Kenyan Flying Disc Association is very proud to join the World Flying Disc Federation. As a small but rapidly expanding sport community within the country, it is a big step for us to have the support and guidance of such a well-respected international governing body. As an organization, we are committed to developing the sport of Ultimate in Kenya, and we are so excited to work with the WFDF and its individual country members on an ongoing basis."

“The Ultimate Players Association of Qatar is delighted to be formally recognized by the World Flying Disc Federation,” stated UPAQ President Mido Nasser. “This is a highlight in what has already been an exciting year for the players in Qatar. We've established a beach Frisbee scene in addition to our existing Ultimate play on grass. That helped us compete in our first international tournament at the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Dubai. The Open team included four up-and-coming teenage athletes, who will be ones to look out for in future tournaments. Qatar's community of Ultimate players have a spirit that is truly reflective of this amazing sport. Men and women of different ages and from all around the world come together to learn more about Frisbee, improve their skills and share their love of the game. This official international presence will help UPAQ get more recognition within the sports community of Qatar; essential if we want to share this wonderful game with more people and establish more regular events with our friends and neighbors in the Middle East and Africa – one of the fastest expanding regions in the world for flying disc sports.”