WFDF Congress approves Georgian Flying Disc Federation and Chilean Association of Ultimate as members

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WFDF is pleased to announce that the Congress has approved the Georgian Flying Disc Federation (GFDF) as regular and the Chilean Association of Ultimate (AChU) as provisional national members of the World Flying Disc Federation. The acceptance of these two member associations brings the WFDF membership to 65 member associations in 62 countries, adding two key countries in Eastern Europe and South America to the WFDF membership portfolio.

“We are pleased that WFDF’s Congress has admitted the associations from Georgia and Chile unanimously. The Chilean Association of Ultimate will strengthen our members’ presence in South America and also act as a key member of the Pan American Flying Disc Federation (PAFDF), as AChU Board member Roberto Hanley and his team have been quite active in growing Ultimate in Chile,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “The admittance of Georgia as a new WFDF member country also will catalyze the further growth of our sport in other countries in Eastern Europe and we welcome President Aleksi Edisherashvili and his team within the WFDF membership. We expect other new members from this region quite soon.”

AChU Board member Roberto Hanley stated “We want to say thank you for all support in the development process of Ultimate in Chile, as this is a huge step for us in achieving the objectives as Chilean Association of Ultimate (AChU). We are proud of our admittance to WFDF as a provisional member. This is motivation to continue working to become permanent members, developing programs and activities that strengthen and grow the sport in Chile and throughout the region. We are committed to participate in activities and competitions at the regional and international levels, to learn and develop Ultimate with the highest Spirit of the Game, and to build strong relations between the different members of WFDF.”

“The Georgian Flying Disc Federation is proud to be a member of WFDF,” commented GFDF President Aleksi Edisherashvili. “It is a big stimulus for each member of our federation and will help us to become bigger and stronger, to motivate more professional players. The Georgian Ministry of Sport and Culture supports this membership as a major step onto the international level with the goal of participation in international championships.”