WFDF Bids Sought: WFOC

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[lead]WFDF Bids Sought: WFDF 2017 World Freestyle & Overall Flying Disc Championships (WFOC)[/lead]

WFDF’s Board of Directors and the Freestyle & Overall Committees are seeking bids from potential host organizers for the WFDF 2017 Freestyle & Overall Flying Disc Championships (WFOC)

The tournament will feature competitions in seven flying disc disciplines — Freestyle, Double Disc Court, Discathon, Accuracy, Disc Golf, Distance and Self-Caught Flight and Champions will be crowned for each individual discipline.

The World Overall champions will be awarded based on a tally of points on three or more disciplines contested by a player – Champions will be crowned by Age and Gender -Open, Women’s, Masters, Grand Masters, Senior Grand Masters, Legends and Juniors.

The 2015 WOC was successfully hosted in Norrkoeping Sweden in July where more than 100 athletes took part from 12 countries and 3 continents.

If you are interested in preparing a bid, we ask for initial indications of interest no later than 21st January 2016.

The deadline for submitting completed bids for WOC 2017 is 21st February 2016.  It is expected that the committee and board’s final bid selection will be awarded and announced by mid April 2016.

For information about this event, the bidding process or to confirm your expression of interest to host please contact:
Karina Woldt – WFDF Event Manager.
Or Tomas Burvall – WFDF Overall Committee Chair.

Please note that all bids must be sent in using the official WFDF bid and budget templates which will be emailed to you upon receipt of your expression of interest.