Car Parking issues – Bell Lane

In WU24UC Live Feed by WFDF

We have received complaints from local residents about the cars parked inconsiderately on a lay-by on Bell Lane and not in Sainsbury’s, as requested. AS A MATTER OF URGENCY, can the owners of the following cars please return to your vehicles and drive to either Sainsbury’s or the on-site grass car park, which is now open: MK16 BYG HY16 EDU BF56 XRT CV59 HGG DA02 CCE WR16 EJN CY07 DVG RF12 LUZ KW16 SXJ HX16 CJF GF16 YUD EN16 CYS AK16 SUZ GL56 ULU FD16 YHV DP65 PJU 1 FIG 806 LX13 WTU