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WFDF President Rauch re-elected

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has announced the results of its 2018 elections. This comes after the international federation recognized by the IOC for Flying Disc sports had executed a major revamp of its governance structure and Board composition that had been unanimously approved by the WFDF membership in the autumn of 2018. Among other positions, the membership re-elected Robert “Nob“ Rauch as President for an additional two-year term.

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“WFDF is excited about the revisions to our governance structure with the expansion of the Board of Directors, bringing in the heads of our Continental associations and formalizing several other ex-officio positions. We are also extremely pleased to have increased the number of women on the Board to seven out of the eighteen members as we continue to pursue gender equality in our goverenance structure as well as in our competitive events,”commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch.

“I want to thank WFDF’s member associations for their confidence in me and support as we continue to pursue our strategic vision. I look forward to working with our very capable returning and new board members as we update our strategic plan this year and look to further implement programs to achieve our competition, growth, and development goals.”

The governance review and Board composition update included the installment of formal Continental Representatives from Africa, Asia-Oceania, PanAmerica and Europe within the Board, increasing the participation of the continents in the decision-making process. The chair of the Spirit of the Game Ultimate Sub-Committee was accepted as a voting Board member to reflect the importance of SOTG for WFDF as a sport and organization.

Together with the formalisation of the chair of the Medical and Anti-Doping Committee as a voting Board member and the introduction of two at-large Board members appointed by the Board, the Board membership increased from 14 to 18 members.The WFDF Member Associations voted on the open positions on the Board of Directors and on the Ultimate Committee to serve, effective 1 January 2019.

The 2018 election was conducted online via a voting form using the Single Transferable Vote methodology. In the elections for the one contested position of the SOTG chair as Board member Travis Smith (CAN) narrowly edged out contender José Amoroso (POR), while the other positions were elected in uncontested votes.

Election Result Details

The 2018 Election was conducted online via a voting form using the Single Transferable Vote methodology. There were 53 regular members in good standing with a total of 151 votes. To meet the requisite majorities, a total of 77 votes were required for election with no less than 28 member associations voting.

Over the course of the voting period, which extended from November 15 to December 15, 2018, 48 members with a total of 145 votes cast their ballots. All candidates have received the quorum needed for passage.

The following votes were tallied per each candidate:

WFDF Board of Directors Members:

President: Robert “Nob” RAUCH (137 yes, 8 abstentions)

Chair, Disc Golf: Charlie MEAD (119 yes, 26 abstentions)

Chair, Guts: Steve TAYLOR (110 yes, 35 abstentions)

Chair, Beach Ultimate: Karen CABRERA (140 yes, 5 abstentions)

Chair, Overall: Rob McLeod (120 yes, 25 abstentions)

Chair, SOTG: Travis Smith (72 yes), José Amoroso (66 yes) STV votes

Africa Representative: Alex “Queenie” MATOVU (elected with 2 continental member voting – 4 yes)

America Representative: Jesus LORERTO (elected with 5 continental members voting – 11 yes)

Asia/Oceania Representative: Fumio MOROOKA (elected with 6 continental members voting – 16 yes)

European Representative: Amandine CONSTANT (elected with 20 continental members voting – 64 yes)

Ultimate Committee Members:

Ultimate Committee Deputy Chair: Will DEAVER (140 yes, 5 abstentions)

Championships Sub-Committee Chair: Simon HILL (137 yes, 8 abstentions)

Rules Subcommittee Chair: Rueben BERG (137 yes, 8 abstentions)

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