WFDF updates Ultimate World Country Rankings

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Update follows WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships, World Master Ultimate Club Championships and World Junior Ultimate Championships

The World Flying Disc Federation today released the updated World Ultimate Rankings. These rankings are based on the finishing positions of teams at the most recent major World Ultimate Events:

·       World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) 2018

·       World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) 2018

·       World Master Ultimate Championships (WMUC) 2018

·       World Under 24 Championships (WU24) 2018

·       World Championship of Beach Ultimate/World Great Grandmasters Beach Ultimate Championships (2017) 2017

·       World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) 2016

The USA continues to hold the top spot after an impressive sweep of these three events, while Canada maintained its second place position, followed by Great Britain in third. Australia managed to nose ahead of Germany, taking the fourth position, dropping Germany to fifth. Japan, France & Colombia remain in the 6-8 spots respectively. New Zealand moved up 1 spot into a tie for ninth with Switzerland, who round out the top 10. With strong results at WUCC, Philippines move up 9 spots to crack the top at 14th. Netherlands, Belgium and Singapore all move up 3 spots to 17th, 18th and 19th respectively. Moving up 6 spots in the rankings were the Republic of South Africa (28th), Hong Kong (29th), and Dominican Republic (31st). Four countries have made their debut on the WFDF World Rankings list after sending teams to WUCC. New to the list are Chile (38th), Uruguay (42nd), and Argentina and Kenya (tied for 46th).

“This ranking has been updated with the recent finishing positions of teams from the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships which ended on July 21 in Cincinnati, USA, the 2018 World Master Ultimate Club Championships which ended on August 4 in Winnipeg, Canada and the 2018 World Junior Ultimate Championships which ended on August 25 in Waterloo, Canada,” explained WFDF Ultimate Committee chair Brian Gisel.  “All playing divisions at each event are used to calculate these standings. Points are accumulated based on finishing position of the highest ranked team for each country in each playing division, with a maximum number of points awarded to the first place team, equal to the number of countries participating in that division.  “The number of points awarded is reduced by 1 for each lower finishing position. For example, in a division with 10 unique countries, the highest ranked country receives 10 points, the second ranked country receives 9 points, the third 8 points and so on. With eight nations, up from six, to qualify for the 2021 World Games in Birmingham AL, USA, we expect to see some heated competition in the second tier of the top 10 in the next couple years.”

WFDF underlined that the rankings are prepared to generally illustrate the relative strength and breadth of each nation’s programs and that it is not used for event bid allocation or World Games or major event qualification purposes. The next World Rankings update will be released in July 2019, following the 2019 World Under-24 Championships to be held in Heidelberg, GER.

Read the full ranking here.

Author: WFDF