Flying Disc Associations of Kazakhstan, Malta, Sri Lanka, and US Virgin Islands Approved!

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The World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) is pleased to announce that its Congress has approved the Flying Disc Associations of Kazakhstan, Malta, Sri Lanka, and U.S. Virgin Islands as its newest Member associations, increasing WFDF’s membership to 84 national member associations.

“WFDF is proud to welcome the four new member associations to the WFDF flying disc family concluding the latest admission process overseen by our Executive Director Volker Bernardi,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch.

“Our ambitious ‘WFDF 100’ membership project has taken a great step towards completion and we expect to reach 90 member associations by the spring of 2019. WFDF continues to benefit from the work begun five years ago to work closely with our local groups to institutionalize their governance infrastructure, allowing WFDF to expand our global reach and universality. The leadership of the four new members from Kazakhstan, Malta, Sri Lanka, and U.S. Virgin Islands have worked diligently through our application procedures over the last several years. That ensures that participation in these countries is increasing and has reached the critical mass for them to be valuable members of the WFDF family from Asia, Europe and the Americas.”

“Our team is very happy to be one with the big international WFDF family. We are grateful to the WFDF Congress and leadership of the International Federation,” said Denis Suslov, the Chairman of the Board of the Kazakhstan Flying Disc Federation.

“Аlthough we are still a very young organization, we want to make every effort to be useful in the development of Flying Disc to promote the development of this sport in different parts of the world by laying the main foundation — the Spirit of the Game, not only in sports, but in all branches of life. From the whole team and from my own face, I want to wish a grand distribution of ‘Flying Disc’ around the world, led by the WFDF, and to provide every possible assistance in the development of the sport.”

“We are very proud to become a part of the WFDF family. This is a result of a long-term project finalized to reach the international recognition and to become an active member of WFDF. We hope in the next years to become an important sport in our beautiful country,” stated Marco Tomasini, on behalf of the Malta Sport for All Federation (MSF).

SLFDA President Naven Abayagunawardana declared that “We at the Sri Lanka Flying Disc Association are thrilled to be a member of WFDF and look forward to contributing towards the development of Flying Disc sports across the world.”

“We in the U.S. Virgin Islands Ultimate Frisbee community represent a group of dedicated athletes stretching over three islands. Although the history of Ultimate goes back decades on the islands, the individual VI Ultimate communities have come together over the last six years for multiple tri-island tournaments to increase the level of play and competition. As a result, countless friendships have been formed amidst an even greater sense of family,” commented Mollie Nadler, USVIFDA Officer and St. Croix representative.

Author: WFDF