WFDF approves of additional revisions to Bylaws

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The Congress of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has approved of an additional Bylaws revision after concluding the vote by electronic means. The unanimous decision approves two additional modifications of the revised WFDF Bylaws that were approved by Congress during their annual meeting on 13 July 2018. The modifications incorporate the concept of “self-officiation” into the WFDF Bylaws and require Congress approval for any changes of the provision, in order to further clarify and promote Spirit of the Game.The proposals had been submitted jointly by the Swiss and Belgian associations.

“The addition to the purpose of WFDF in Article I, section 2 of the Bylaws to include the principle of ‘self-officiation’ in our Bylaws puts an even stronger emphasis on the Spirit of the Game to which WFDF is committed,” explained WFDF President Robert L. “Nob” Rauch.

“We have made clear that the element of self-officiating under the general principle of Spirit of the Game is an integral part of the DNA of our International Federation which remains untouchable, as long as no vast majority of Congress would decide otherwise. It is impressive to see that the proposal achieved unanimous approval by Congress, underlining that our entire membership supported it.”

The final proposals were refined by a special Task Force in the third quarter of 2018 and also better define the scope of the governance rights of the various discipline Committees under WFDF. It is now clear that any rules decisions that would impact the athletes’ sole responsibility to make, and determine the final outcome, of a violation, foul, or other call during a competition, must be approved by Congress.