Strong showing from Colombia at WFDF 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships

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Colombia further proved it’s a force to be reckoned with at last month’s WFDF 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships (PAUC), earning gold in both the Women’s and Men’s divisions. The USA won the Mixed Division championship.

The event was hosted at the Sarasota Polo Club in Florida, USA from Sunday 3rd November to Friday 8th November 2019. PAUC featured national and club Ultimate teams in the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed divisions, along with Mixed Masters, Men’s Masters and Men’s Grandmasters divisions. More than 1,360 athletes on 67 teams from 13 countries participated in PAUC.

“This year’s edition of the WFDF Pan American Ultimate Championships was an amazing tournament, fully 50% larger than two years ago,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We thank Oshadega LLC, the event manager, for all their hard work in hosting a great event, and appreciate the support provided by the Sarasota County Sports Commission.”

Colombian teams also won the coveted Spirit prize in the Mixed and Women’s divisions. In the Women’s division, Colombia took home nearly all the medals with Revolution winning first place, and Aerosoul earning bronze and the Spirit award.

In the Mixed Masters, Men’s Masters and Grand Masters Men divisions, North American teams nearly swept the divisions, with American and Canadian teams winning gold, silver and bronze in all three divisions. Of note, the US Virgin Islands were awarded the spirit medal in the Mixed Masters division in their first WFDF sanctioned event since becoming a WFDF member in December 2018.

PAUC Medalists


Spirit: Halal (Colombia)

Gold: Public Enemy (USA)

Silver: Jughandle (USA)

Bronze: Mischief (USA)


Spirit: Aerosoul (Colombia)

Gold: Revolution (Colombia)

Silver: Stella (Canada)

Bronze: Aerosoul (Colombia)


Spirit: Ghost Train (USA)

Gold: Comunidad el Oso (Colombia)

Silver: Warao (Venezuela)

Bronze: Alberta Flatball Club (Canada)

Mixed Master’s

Spirit: Virgin Islands Fever (Virgin Islands)

Gold: 512 (USA)

Silver: Unambiguously Grey (USA)

Bronze: Molasses Disaster (USA)

Men’s Masters

Spirit: All Bashed Out (USA)

Gold: All Bashed Out (USA)

Silver: NSOM (Canada)

Bronze: Beyondors (USA)

Grand Masters Men

Spirit: Torontosaurus Rex (Canada)

Gold: Johnny Walker (USA)

Silver: Tombstone (Canada)

Bronze: Shutdown (USA)

Teams from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Domincan Republic, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, USA, US Virgin Islands, and Venezuela participated.

The previous PAUC was hosted in November 2017 in Cañuelas City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 44 ultimate teams representing 11 countries in four divisions.

Author: WFDF