WFDF updates World Ultimate Rankings

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Update follows WFDF 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships, EUF 2019 European Youth Ultimate Championships and EUF 2019 European Masters Championships.

The World Flying Disc Federation today released the updated World Ultimate Rankings. These country rankings are based on the finishing positions of teams at the most recent WFDF World and Continental Ultimate events:

  • Pan American Ultimate Championships (PAUC) 2019
  • European Masters Ultimate Championships (EMUC) 2019
  • European Youth Ultimate Championships (EYUC) 2019
  • Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Championships (AOUGC) 2019
  • World Under 24 Ultimate Championships (WU24) 2019
  • European Ultimate Championships (EUC) 2019
  • All Africa Ultimate Championships (AAUC) 2019
  • Asia Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships (AOBUC) 2019
  • European Beach Ultimate Championships (EBUC) 2019
  • World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) 2018
  • World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC) 2018
  • World Master Ultimate Club Championships (WMUCC) 2018
  • World Championship of Beach Ultimate (WCBU) 2017
  • World Great Grandmasters Beach Ultimate Championships (WGGMBUC) 2017
  • World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) 2016
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Beginning in 2019, WFDF has expanded the number of events used to calculate the WFDF World Ultimate Rankings. Continental events are now taken into account along side World events. This change allows more countries to gain World Ranking points by attending their regional tournaments. As well, the maximum points available for any single division has been standardized and is no longer connected to the size of the division. Maximum points available for divisions are as follows:

  • World Event – Mixed, Women’s and Men’s divisions: 48 Points
  • World Event – All Masters divisions: 36 Points
  • World Event – All Masters + divisions (Grand Masters and beyond) : 24 Points
  • WJUC/WU24 – All divisions: 36 Points
  • Continental Event – Mixed, Women’s and Men’s divisions: 24 Points
  • Continental Event – All age limited (Juniors and Masters) divisions: 12 Points

“This ranking has been updated with the recent finishing positions of teams from the last three qualifying events held in 2019,” explained WFDF Ultimate Committee chair Brian Gisel. “With the recent changes to the number of events used to calculate World Rankings WFDF has seen an increased interest in the World Rankings. Looking forward to 2020 there will be some big events involving many countries, including the World Ultimate and Guts Championships (Leeuwarden, NED), World Junior Ultimate Championships (Malmo, SWE) and, for the first time, World Masters Ultimate Championships (Gold Coast, AUS).”

Maximum points are awarded to the country winning each division, with subsequent teams earning fewer points based on finishing position and the total number of teams in the division. World Ranking Points Calculation:

World Points = Max Points * ((# of Countries in division + 1) – (Team Ranking)) / # of Countries in division

This ranking is the final one for 2019, and will be used to help inform WFDF for seeding of the upcoming 2020 World Ultimate and Guts Championships. At the top of the table there are no changes to the top five with USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Japan holding their respective spots. France is up one spot (6th) at the expense of Australia (7th), while Colombia (8th) and Spain (9th) each move up one place, with Russia rounding out the top 10.

The biggest moves in the next 20 places are Sweden (13th) and Mexico (28th) both gaining 2 spots. Further down the Dominican Republic (31st) moved up 5 places and Uruguay (41st) gained 6 spots. Slovenia (44th) was the biggest mover, shooting up 7 places in the rankings. New to the list are Brazil (46th), Costa Rica (53rd) and US Virgin Islands (55th), the later two countries having attended their first ever WFDF event, PAUC 2019, this fall.

While the primary factor in determining the seeding for the WFDF 2020 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) will be the results from WUGC 2016, the WFDF World Ultimate Rankings will also be taken into account as a secondary factor.

The WFDF 2020 WUGC will act as the qualification event for the IWGA The World Games Birmingham 2021.

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