WFDF approves of Haiti, Mali and Peru as WFDF national members

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Congress approval brings the membership to 91 countries

The World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) is pleased to announce that its Congress has approved the Fédération Haïtienne de Flying Disc (FHFD), the Association Malienne de Flying Disc (AMFD), and the Federación del Disco Volador del Perú (FDVP) as its newest Member associations, increasing WFDF’s membership to 91 national member federations (NFs).

“To end this extreme difficult year 2020 by adding these three national member federations from Africa, the Caribbean, and South America to our membership does not only give a boost to our International Federation regarding our universality but also is a great sign of hope for our sport in difficult times,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. Our WFDF Development Programme continues to bear fruit as we welcome Haiti, Mali and Peru to the Flying Disc Family.”

“We are hopeful we can further expand our membership in the PanAm region and Africa in 2021, and will focus WFDF’s development resources on those regions. While the development process still remains difficult with the constraints brought on by the pandemic, we plan to continue working with our Continental Associations PAFDF and AAFDF on such efforts even through cross-border competitive play opportunities remain limited for the time being.”

Commented Fédération Haïtienne de Flying Disc (FHFD) President on the approval of the membership: “It was a great joy as we broke the news this morning to our members and we even unexpectedly organized a little party hearing of the news of the WFDF decision. We are honored to finally be on track being a part of WFDF and look forward to working together to develop the sport in our country.”

Association Malienne de Flying Disc (AMFD) Vice-President Noémie Gaudre said when receiving the news: “After this difficult year all around the world, sport remain very important for physical and psychological health of both younger and older people. We are sure that Flying Disc values can help to maintain solidarity among us. The first discs arrived in Mali with the US Peace Corps about 20 years ago and first matches of Ultimate occurred in Bamako ten years later with participation of French players. The AMFD is proud to become today a new member of the World Flying Disc Federation. With their help and support, we hope that we will develop our activities.”

Federación del Disco Volador del Perú (FDVP) spokesperson Manuel Ernesto Álvarez Nieves stated upon approval of the WFDF membership: “Peru’s flying disc community thanks WFDF profoundly for our inclusion as WFDF members. It is an honor for us to take this important step towards the growth of our sport in the country. We are looking forward to acquiring new tools and working towards our national goals of expansion, as well as creating opportunities for the development of disc sports. Our commitment moving forward is to create a federation that provides important support to our athletes. Greetings from Peru and let the disc fly.”

The approval by Congress was given unanimously by the current WFDF membership. WFDF Executive Director and chair of the WFDF Sport for All and Development Commission Volker Bernardi said: “We wish to thank our Continental Associations Presidents Alex Matovu from AAFDF-Africa and Nicole Bulos from PAFDF-PanAmerica for their support taking our membership beyond 90 members. This great sign of the unity of the Flying Disc Family in really difficult times encourages us to further our development programme to target 100 member national Federations next year”.