WFDF introduces new Ultimate 4’s Showcase format

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More compact competitive version of the sport for events subject to athlete quotas and time constraints

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is pleased to introduce its Showcase format for the Ultimate competition.  The showcase format of Ultimate 4’s has been developed for events, including multi-sports games, that face constraints of time, space, or athletes’ quota while preserving the essential qualities of the sport. The Showcase Rules feature mixed-gender, four-on-four play with six-member teams, running time games with two 18 minute halves for a total game time of around 45 minutes. There will be a seven-second stall count and the rules are adaptable for virtually all grass or beach venues with field dimensions of 45 meters long by 25 meters wide, with two 15 meter deep endzones The new format is designed to showcase athleticism and throwing ability, keep the game moving, and to adapt the game for fans reached through broadcast media as much as the in-stadium spectators.

“We are excited to present a new competitive format that helps to scale the growth of international participation and position the Flying Disc discipline of Ultimate for inclusion at the highest levels of global multi-sports competition, including potentially the Olympic Games in LA28,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We are confident that this new Ultimate 4’s format will meet the interest and demand of today’s athletes, broadcast media, and the constraints of athlete quotas and venues in large multi-sports events. The new format is also designed to make it easier to arrange games for youth in school programs and facilitate new programs in the developing world with more limited space or fewer players, on whatever surface might be available.”

The new format was developed by the WFDF Ultimate Committee, chaired by WFDF VP Brian Gisel, with input from USA Ultimate and the US women’s and men’s semi-professional leagues, PUL and AUDL. Gisel commented that “the development of this showcase format for the competition came quite naturally as we primarily revised certain time elements while preserving the core rules of the game.  USA Ultimate had introduced its version of Ultimate 4’s in April 2021 and this WFDF format builds upon the experience and feedback they have gathered since its debut. We will continue to feature our traditional format and rules in World Championships and The World Games next year, but will be looking to introduce this more compact format over time as appropriate.”

The Ultimate 4’s Showcase format of the rules is being demonstrated this weekend at the USA Ultimate National Championships being held in San Diego, USA.

A summary of the format and rules revisions can be found [here].