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Virtual World Team Disc Golf Championship Country Qualifiers completed

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World Championship finals to be held this weekend

The Inaugural World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)  2022 Virtual Sport World Team Disc Golf Championship (VSWTDGC) hosted by Disc Golf Valley has completed the Country Qualification rounds which have been taking place over the past four weeks since the 17th of January. WFDF, in Partnership with Latitude 64 and Spinoff Games, will host the VSWTDGC World Championship Finals this weekend on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of February.

The Country Qualifications were split by gender in four national groupings, one per week, featuring rounds from Disc Golf Valleys’ most popular courses – Blueberry Thicket, Lakeside, Coyote Canyon, and Frozen Valley. Spain topped the qualifying rounds in the male qualifications with 39 under par, with participants from three other countries, the USA, Finland, and Sweden, rounding out the top 10 players. Female participants made up approximately 10% of the overall players taking part and a Finnish player logged the highest female score with 32 under par, with UK and Lithuania players not far behind. Some players were tied for first place and have been given the option to battle it out on a round of DGV or to leave it up to the flip of a coin to decide who moves through to represent their country.

For the Finals, National mixed-gender teams will be made up of two players representing each country. The highest-ranked male and female per country are in the process of being informed. Due to GDPR constraints, the first round was anonymized and the competition relies on the top players to contact the organizer so that they can match the competitors’ scores.  For a country to compete in the finals, it will need both a female and male player to have made it through the qualifying round and to click through to register for the finals in order to form their National team. It is expected that as many as 18 countries will take part in the finals this weekend.

“It has been exciting to host our first Virtual Sport Championships and to host more than 3,250 participants from 37 countries. With Virtual Sports growing in popularity, WFDF is excited to engage gaming communities in the sport of virtual Disc Golf,” stated WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We look forward to an exciting weekend of play to crown our first champions!”

To crown the Virtual Sport World Team Disc Golf World Champion, the finals this weekend will combine team scores over three rounds with the lowest overall score taking first prize. The 18 courses from DGV vary in difficulty and the final courses to be played will be the Grizzly Gulch, Kaho Park and Pioneer Bay. The finals will open at midnight on Friday night Central European Time (CET) and will close at midnight Sunday 20th CET. All finalists who have qualified for the finals will be added automatically to the finals Event. It will show up in the DGV Events Tab for qualified players on Friday the 18th February.

Playing Equipment presented to all players, all of whom had access to the same discs with their varied flight characteristics, is a “Balanced Bag” containing a Keystone, Fuse, River, Explorer, Pioneer and Ballista disc, from drivers to mid-range to putters.

WFDF will announce the official results via press release on Monday the 21st of February 2022.

All information about the event can be found in the VSWTDGC Bulletin here.