New firsts and surprising finishes heading into the semifinals at WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships 2022

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At the end of six days of competition, the matchups have been set for the WFDF 2022 World Ultimate Championship and teams will face off in the semifinals on Friday. For the first time, a European team — Finland’s Pussin Tiristäjät (PuTi) — will compete in the Mixed division semifinals of a WUCC event, when they face Canada’s Red Flag. In the other semifinal match, Seattle Mixtape of the USA will take on Lunch Box of Australia.  All four Mixed teams in the semifinals remain undefeated.

In the Women’s division, two American powerhouses — San Francisco’s Fury and Raleigh Phoenix, both of which have an unblemished record this tournament — will face off for a spot in the Finals. On the other side of the bracket, Colombia’s Revolution will play Australia’s Ellipsis in a much-anticipated matchup.

On the Open side, a dramatic shakeup in the quarterfinals has led to some unexpected faces in the semifinals. Fourth seeded Seattle Sockeye was bested by Belgium’s Mooncatchers in an exhilarating game that had the crowd on its feet until the 15-14 “universe point” finish. Mooncatchers will face No.1 seed Raleigh Ring of Fire in the semifinals, while Great Britain’s Clapham Ultimate takes on the USA’s PoNY from New York.

As the event comes up on a full week of tournament action, WUCC’s Event Director Dale Wilker reflected on hosting WUCC both in 2018 and 2022, telling Inside the Games that WUCC is  “a second once in a lifetime chance to do something wonderful.”

Game play continues all week from the Lebanon Sports Complex. The WUCC website has the full schedule and live results.

Ulitworld will be broadcasting all semifinals and finals. The full live-stream schedule is available here.

All three Finals games will be live-streamed for free via the Olympic Channel.