WFDF puts out RFP for Ultimate Coaching Resource Provider

In News, Press Release * Official Communication by WFDF

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is seeking proposals from already established providers who are able to deliver on-line access to ultimate coaching resources to individuals from around the world who are interested in becoming coaches for our sport. The goal of increasing coaching capacity in WFDF member and non-member countries, particularly in less developed countries. The selected provider will receive the exclusive recognition as the “Official WFDF Coaching Resource Partner” for the term of the agreement, which will run through 2023.

Access to the resources should be through licenses provided to and distributed by WFDF, within an initial WFDFs budget. Resources accessed should be geared towards coaches who may have only a rudimentary to mid-level knowledge of the sport of ultimate. It is expected that the materials will be geared toward developing countries, with a focus on coaching theory from playing essentials and offensive and defensive strategies, conditioning, practice organization, and incorporation of spirit of the game.

The selected partner will also be expected to work with WFDF over the course of the agreement to develop a coaches certification program and a mechanism to recognize already established coaches’ certification programs administered in various national member federations.

“Coaches’ training continues to be one of the most-requested resources from WFDF from our developing members,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We hope to leverage off of the work that has already been done in the community and our goal is to make the training for the more strategic elements of coaching available as well as to establish a global framework for coaching certification.”

Brian Gisel, WFDF Vice President and Chair of the Ultimate Committee, added that “while several of our most established members already have a very solid national certification program in place, we hope to incorporate the best practices from our own sport and others in developing a robust certification program. A proper multi-level certification program will need to address elements such as concussion protocols and other medical awareness, anti-doping, athlete safeguarding, etc. in addition to coaching theories, strategies, and practical applications, and be available in several languages to be effective.”

The formal request for proposal (RFP) can be found here.