World Flying Disc Federation Congress approves of Saudi Arabia member National Federation

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Congress approval brings WFDF’s member national federations to 104 countries

The World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) is proud to announce that its Congress has approved the Saudi Flying Disc Committee (SFD) as its newest national Member from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), increasing WFDF’s membership to 104 member National Federations (NFs).

“I take great pleasure in welcoming the Saudi Flying Disc Committee as our newest member federation to the growing WFDF Flying Disc family. WFDF as a universal International Federation is proud to increase our formal presence in the Arab world by accepting a federation which already enjoys recognition by the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee.”

“With the last edition of the MENA Ultimate Championships in November 2022, featuring 16 mixed gender teams and hosted in Saudi Arabia north of Jeddah City, the community there has already proven their capabilities to stage high-quality events and this directly contributes to the growth of Flying Disc sports in the Middle East and North African region.”

“WFDF’s Development Programme, in close cooperation with our continental associations in Africa (AAFDF), America (PAFDF), Asia-Oceania (AOFDF) and Europe (EFDF), strives to add more members, while nonetheless maintaining an extremely thorough admissions process.”

Saudi Flying Disc Committee (SFD) Vice President Abdullah bin Ibrahim Alghalaiqah commented that “Within the SFD, we have received with joy and gratitude the good news of the admission of the SFD as a member of the WFDF. This approval will allow us to work effectively to promote this sport in the Kingdom and will give us access to the regional and international tournaments. This membership will also open up new horizons for new experiences in this sport, especially with the other members of WFDF. The SFD will strongly support Flying Disc sports via promoting, tournaments, and teams.”