WFDF approves of the Bulgarian Flying Disc Federation (BFDF) as its 85th national member

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The World Flying Disc Federation (“WFDF”) is pleased to announce that its Congress has approved the Flying Disc Federation of Bulgaria (BFDF) as its newest Member association, increasing WFDF’s membership to 85 national member associations. “We are extremely pleased to welcome BFDF to the WFDF Flying Disc family as the national association from Bulgaria,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “Expanding our membership in Eastern Europe demonstrates the growth of Flying Disc sports in that …


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Membership fees are current charged at an annual rate of US$1.50 per player. Large organisations pay a maximum of US $4,800, small organisations pay a minimum of US$300. The levels of membership fees are aimed to match the ability of the organisations to pay them, while providing WFDF with enough resources to lead disc sports forward. See the list of current WFDF members.

Approval process

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Membership applications will be preliminarily approved by the Board of Directors, or you will be informed of what you need to do to gain the Board’s approval. Formal approval is given by Congress on the recommendation of the Board. The approval process can take up to 12 months. Once the application is complete, this new rule requires that we complete the process as quickly as possible, and definitely in less than a year.

Application process

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Membership applications should be made through the Executive Director. They will help applicants get together the required documentation. Applications should include the following: Compulsory Information about the applicant – name, address, email, website, key contacts. Copy of the body’s constitution or by/laws. Statement of number of active members. Latest annual financial statement or bank statement. Latest annual report of activities of the organisation. Brief history of the organisation. Statement of the legal status of the …


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Membership of WFDF is open to national flying disc organisations, uniquely representing one or more disc sports in that country. In addition, the organisation must: be organised with by-laws acceptable to WFDF; be open to participation without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or sexual orientation; represent a minimum membership of 50 flying disc athletes; and be controlled by its members according to democratic principles.

Membership Benefits

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WFDF Membership provides the following benefits to national organisations and their players: Competition – The ability to compete in world Championships and continental championships. WFDF strives to ensure that these tournaments are the best-run flying disc events in the world. Participation in these events is defined here. Promotion – World championships provide opportunities for all members to promote the sport by bringing the best in the world together at a single event. Athlete pathways – …