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Planning, Principles and Priorities

  • DG Comm to develop five year plan – with a view to helping national DGA’s and NGB’s develop their own priorities.
  • Responsibilities as a WFDF Committee member/Board Member
  • Spirit of the Game rules for DG
  • Gender equality programme for DG

Working Schedule

  • WFDF and DG Membership – Relationship between WFDF members, IOC, NOC’s and GAISF
  • New criteria for World rankings
  • Complaints procedure for DG – especially to deal with disciplinary issues
  • Multi-sport events programme – IWGA, WMG, TAFISA
  • WFDF sanctioning of DG events – minimum criteria.
  • Development targets – including creating media and coaching materials for members; clubs and schools etc – involve WFDF Media Team
  • WTDGC Croatia 2021 – Contract, Media coverage via WFDF
  • Risk Assessment of DG – advice to all NGB’s
  • Environmental and Life Sustainability criteria for DG
  • Development of DGA’s and NGB’s – their own 5 year plans
  • Representation on all WFDF Commissions for DG; SOTG, Gender Equality, Athletes, Sport for All, Parasports, Schools and Universities, IT and including Media Team.
  • WFDF Website
  • Work and liaison with PDGA
  • Player qualification for all WFDF events – all disc sports but to clarify for DG
  • WTDGC schedules – need to consult and co-operate with EDGF/PDGA
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