WFDF 2022 Virtual Sport World Team Disc Golf Championship (VSWTDGC)

Disc Golf Valley

Stage 4 - Bid Award. The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) in partnership with Latitude 64 and Spinoff Games are excited to present the Inaugural WFDF 2022 Virtual Sport World Team Disc Golf Championship (VSWTDGC) to be hosted by Disc Golf Valley. This event will be WFDF’s inaugural event for virtual sport team disc golf and we extend invitations to individual participants of the 40 countries that are the most frequent users of Disc Golf ...

TWG 2022 Birmingham, USA

Birmingham, USA Birmingham, AL, United States

The World Games is led by the International World Games Association (IWGA), a non-profit organization that is composed of 37 International Sports Federations and recognized by The International Olympic Committee (IOC). Qualifying Teams; 1. United States of America (Host) 2. Australia 3. Canada 4. Japan 5. Colombia 6. Great Britain 7. France 8. Germany World Games Qualification Rules:

WFDF 2022 World Overall Flying Disc Championships (WOC)

San Diego San Diego, CA, United States

The WFDF 2022 World Overall Championship is a 7-event competition, consisting of 5 individual events and 2 pairs events, contested over the course of 6 days in August of 2022. The WFDF 2022 World Overall Championships will feature competitions in seven flying disc disciplines — Freestyle, Double Disc Court, Discathon, Accuracy, Disc Golf, Distance and Self-Caught Flight.

WFDF 2022 World Team Disc Golf Championships (WTDGC)

Croatia Varaždin, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

Stage 4 - Bid Award Postponed from 2020. The WTDGC is the premier Disc Golf event for WFDF and the 2022 edition of the event looks to build on the success of past championships held in Vancouver, Canada with the 2019 event hosted by Estonia. WTDGC is a bi-annual event with the 2019 edition attracting 23 teams, 145 participants from 17 countries across 5 divisions.