WFDF 2017 Pan American Ultimate Club Championships (PAUCC)

  Results Men 1. Comunidad El Oso 2. Alberta Flatball Club 3. Discountry 4. Warao 5. Voltaje 6. Charrúa 7. Gravedad Zero 8. Legión 9. Frisbulls 10. Soulfrisbee Women 1.Revolution 2. Bamboo 3. Aerosoul 4. QUB 5. Flurry 6. Elektras 7. Actitud Pizza 8. Mambas Mixed 1. Mischief 2. AMP 3. Drag n Thrust 4. DoubleDown 5. Steamboat 6. Espartanos 7. Fire 8. Local 613 9. Anchor 10. Jauría 11. Comunidad del Viento 12. Makawua 13. Voltaje 14. Cóndor 15. Panama 16. 12 Monos 17. Killtros Mixed Masters 1. Black Cans & Highlands 2. NSOM 3. Beyondors 4. Grizzle 5. Carbon         Espiritu Sudaka is delighted to be given the opportunity to host the 2017 Pan American Ultimate Club Championships (PAUCC 2017) in Argentina. The Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC) of PAUCC 2017 is pleased to invite qualified teams to participate in ...

WFDF 2017 World Team Disc Golf Championships (WTDGC)

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) and Disc Zoo, the Tournament Organising Committee (TOC), are excited to host the WFDF 2017 World Team Disc Golf Championships in Colchester, Great Britain. This event is WFDF’s premier disc golf event in which we extend invitations to all member National Federations and their Disc Golf Associations for players to represent their country. The tournament will run from Wednesday 23rd to Saturday 26th August, 2017 at Wivenhoe Park, University of Essex, Colchester, Great Britain on the full Championship course. The course will be open for practice from Sunday 20th to Tuesday 22nd August inclusive.  

WFDF 2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships (AOUGCC)

The Philippine Flying Disc Association ("PFDA") is looking forward to hosting the WFDF 2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championships ("AOUGCC") at the Ayala Alabang Country Club in Manila, the Philippines from the 17th-20th of August, 2017 in the Men’s, Women’s, Mixed and Master Men’s Ultimate divisions. The tournament will also include a Guts division. All Asia Oceanic WFDF National Federation (NF) members are invited to register teams to participate at AOUGCC. The WFDF Ultimate Committee have created a bid allocation list and NF’s are encouraged to accept or decline their bids as soon as possible. Only club teams from regular, organizational and associate member organisations may participate. All players on a club team roster must be members of the National Association. This event is a club team event, and therefore teams should not be a selection of National representative players.

WFDF 2017 World Overall Championships (WOC)

Overall Flying Disc Sports competition is similar to the heptathlon in track and field. The Overall combines multiple disc sports — some individual sports and some pairs sports — and tests the player’s skills and abilities across the spectrum of disciplines. The player who scores the highest combined point total for his or her final ranking in each event is the Overall champion. A full-format Overall tournament includes: Accuracy, Discathon, Disc Golf, Distance, Double Disc Court, Freestyle, and Self-Caught Flight. The events of Double Disc Court and Freestyle events are played in pairs; Freestyle can also be a co-op, or three-person, event. These events are critical to Overall competition because they gauge a player’s skill and ability to play cooperatively, an intrinsic element of most disc sports. The full-format Overall competition is usually staged over a week, testing an athlete’s ...