History of Discathon

Discathon Winners of World Overall Meets

  • 1982, WFC: Jens Velasquez, USA, Judy Horowitz, USA
  • 1983, US Open: Neil Adams, USA, Tami Pellicane, USA
  • 1984, US Open: Harvey Brandt, USA, Tami Pellicane, USA
  • 1985, US Open: Dan Doyle, USA, Amanda Carreiro, USA
  • 1986, US Open: Tony Pellicane, USA, Mary Jorgenson, USA
  • 1987, US Open: Leonard Muise, USA, Wende Coates, USA
  • 1987, WFDF: Carlos Rio, NOR, Amanda Carreiro, USA
  • 1988, WFDF: Jonas Bengtsson, SWE, Barbro Lângjuth, SWE
  • 1988, US Open: Leonard Muise, (USA), Chris O'Cleary
  • 1989, WFDF: Carlos Rio, NOR, Maya Inoue, JPN, Christian Voigt-Eberle, GER
  • 1989, US Open: Leonard Muise, USA, Amy Bekken, USA
  • 1990, US Open: Leonard Muise, USA, Amy Bekken, USA
  • 1991, WFDF: Pete Fust, USA, Amy Bekken, USA
  • 1992, US Open: Mark Enright, USA, Amy Bekken, USA
  • 1993, WFDF: Reto Zimmerman, CH, Liz Herrick, USA
  • 1994, US Open: Carlos Rio, NOR, Amy Bekken, USA
  • 1995, SWEdisc Open: Sune Wentzel, NOR, Heidi Rudå, NOR
  • 1996, US Open: Harvey Brandt, USA, Mary Jorgenson, USA
  • 1997, WFDF: Reto Zimmerman, CH, Carina Lindblad, SWE
  • 1999, WFDF: Reto Zimmerman, CH, Amy Bekken, USA
  • 2001, WFDF: Mike Beckman, SWE, Yukari Komatsu, JPN, <18 Boys- Xtehn Titcomb, USA, <12 Boys- Chan Yu-min, ROC, <18 Girls- Lee Chen Pei-feng, ROC, <12 Girls- Chen Chen, ROC
  • 2003, WFDF: Harvey Brandt, USA, Aya Ichiwaka, JPN
  • 2005, WFDF: Christian Sandstrom, SWE, Jennifer Griffin, USA, <19 Boys- Eddy Cohn, USA
  • 2007, WFDF: Conrad Damon, USA, Aya Ichikawa, JPN, <16 Boys: Augy Cohn, USA, <12 Boys: Kevin Palmeri, USA, <19 Girls: Ann-Charlotte Johanisson, SWE, <16 Girls: Yuriko Sobue, JPN
  • 2008, US Open, Lancaster, PA: Harvey Brandt, USA, Beth Verish, USA
  • 2009, WFDF Jacksonville, FL: Thomas Cole, USA, Stinna Persson, SWE

(Because, to this point, there have been no separate world championships held for the field events, the winners of these contests have been considered the world champions of discathon for each particular year.)