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Flying Disc is one of the fastest growing sports in the world! From recreational play to the elite level, and youth to older adults, there are millions actively practicing the sport and its disciplines around the world.

With over 100 National Federations, WFDF embraces the values of:

  • A Lifetime of Play
  • Spirit of the Game
  • Passion
  • Community
  • Inclusiveness

Prospective National Federations interested in applying for Membership in WFDF should contact the Executive Staff listed to the right.

Our Executive Staff is committed to work with applying Federations as they go through the process, providing the full requirements, forms, templates, and resources, and we encourage active and constructive dialogue as the Federation considers officially becoming a part of the global Flying Disc community!


Becoming a WFDF National Federation Member has many benefits including:

Icon of Trophy Cup in WFDF BlueEvents
Ability to compete in World and Continental Championships, the best-run and highest distinguished Flying Disc events in the world.

Icon of Map in WFDF RedAthlete Pathways
Offering a pathway for players to strive for beyond local and national competitions, including towards Multi-Sport Games for some disciplines.

Icon of Ballot Box in WFDF BlueVoice and Representation
Opportunity to have a voice in decision-making processes which affect Flying Disc Sports globally, nationally and locally.

Icon of Event Ticket in WFDF RedHosting
Chance to host World or Continental Championships with the financial, administrative and sport rewards that come with this!

Icon of Award Seal in WFDF BlueCredibility, Recognition, and Support
WFDF's recognition by the IOC and other key international bodies can help National Federations gain credibility, recognition, and support from governments, sponsors, and the community.

Icon of Hand Holding Heart in WFDF RedDevelopment Grants and Programs
Opportunity to apply for and receive grant funding for different development projects to grow the sport in your country!

Icon of Graduation Cap in WFDF BlueEducation Opportunities
Chance to participate in education opportunities delivered by WFDF for coaches, athletes, game advisors and administrators to improve expertise and competencies.

Icon of Small People Group in WFDF RedCommunity

Opportunity to be connected to the worldwide Flying Disc community, sharing ideas, projects and resources to help grow the sport and Federations.

Icon of Greek Temple in WFDF RedNational Olympic and Paralympic Committee Recognition
Opportunity to be recognized by the National Olympic Committee and/or National Paralympic Committee.

Icon of Crown in WFDF Blue
World Records
Possibility to have players’ World Records recognized!

    Eligibility and Requirements 

    Membership in WFDF is open to Federations in countries, as per the terminology of the International Olympic Committee, that represent all Disc Sport disciplines in that country. In addition, the Federation must:

    • be organized with bylaws acceptable to WFDF;
    • be open to participation without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, politics, sex, or sexual orientation;
    • represent a minimum of 50 individual Disc athletes who are members of its organization (“Active Members”) in one or more Disc Sports;
      • a minimum of 25 individual Disc athletes may be acceptable with Board approval;
    • be controlled by its members according to democratic principles;
    • fairly represent the interests of all Disc Sport disciplines within the country.

    The above is summarized. The full WFDF Bylaws, Policies, and Rules regarding Member Federation’s rights and obligations always apply. Applications should include the following in English; please contact the Executive Staff for the application documents;




    Application Letter


    Application Form - Primary Information


    • Contact Details
    • History of the Sport in Country
    • History of the Federation
    • Report of Activities
    • Number of Active Players
    • Board of Directors
    • Statement of Legal/Corporate Status 

    List of Players


    Federation Certificate of Registration


    Federation Constitution


    Bank Account Statement - Last Month


    Recommendation Letter


    From current NF; at least 1x

    Recognition Letter


    From Country Government

    Bank Account Statement - Last Year


    Budget - Past 2 Years


    Budget - Next 2 Years


    Application Form - Additional Information


    • Communications
    • Photos/Videos
    • Media Coverage
    • Development Activities/Plan
    • International Involvement
    • WFDF Events

    National Federations interested in applying for Membership in WFDF should contact:


    Volker Bernardi

    Secretary General


    Dillon Richardson

    Director of Membership Services and Sport Development